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What Is Put And Call In Binary Options Market

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel,dedicated to binary option trading. My last tutorial was all about binary optionbrokers and how you can choose the best one for you.With this tutorial I want to get into the binary option market itself and start giving yousome tips on actual trading and how you can be successful.The first couple of things you'll start hearing when you look into binary optionsare quot;putquot; and quot;callquot;. Those of you who come from financial backgroundsmay know them, but here's a short explanation for those of you that do not, and why it iscrucial you get to know them.

In any binary option trade you have 2 possibleoutcomes (ok, 3, but the 3rd is far less likely), you either win the trade or you lose it, andsince you're really trying to predict where your asset will end up when time on your traderuns out, it can only be in one of two places it will either be lower or higher thanit was when the trade began. When you're deciding how an asset will behave,you select the quot;Putquot; option when you think the price will end up in a position that islower than its current one when the trade runs out.You should select the quot;Callquot; option when you believe prices on your asset are aboutto rise, and it will end up in a higher price

point than the one it's at right now.There are more trade options out there, but we'll get to those later, make sure yousubscribe to my channel to see upcoming tutorials on the subject!.

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Wait until you see this. This short tutorial cancompletely change your lifestyle. Incase you're wondering my name is Mark Ashwin and I'm afull time binary option trader. In this short tutorial I will show you my binary option tradingsuccess and more important what binary option trading can do for you. So I'll start by enteringmy binary option broker web address. That is anyoption . Hit enter. Once my brokerwebsite is loaded I will enter my username, my password and click log in. As you can see this is my live binary optiontrading account with approximately $208,000 in available balance. I started with a realhumble account balance. Now I withdrew all my monthly expenses from my binary optiontrading account. Apart from any option I have

account with different other binary optionbroker as well, but this is one of my main brokerage service that I use. Trading binary option is really simple. Allyou have to do is to forecast if the price of an asset will end above and below on optionexpiry. If you believe it will end above you will place a call trade else you will placea put trade. Once you have decided the direction of the market you can specify the amount ofmoney you want to invest per trade. If your forecast is correct you could collect 70%to 80% profit over your investment. With my trading strategy you could precisely forecastthe direction of the market. Moreover I also

provide free learning material which you coulddownload from my website. That is binaryoptionsgain . So in order to download my free training strategyand all the free learning material, including the tutorial course please enter your name andemail and thanks for watching.

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