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How Im Making 500 An Hour With Binary Options Trading

Broadcasting from One Dallas Tower. Welcometo the Financial Rock Star Show. I'm your host, Scott Alan Turner. Let me help you getout of bed, save more money and retire early. In studio with me, producer Katie. On theshow today, as usual, I'll be answering your questions on money, business and life. Ifyou have a question I can answer on the show, visit GoAskScott . 10001000100010011100011000111. That's howcomputers talk to each other. I have a red alert warning for you. It's football seasonor maybe it's baseball when you listen to this, hockey, soccer, basketball, pick yourfavorite sport. Mine is NFL football so I'm going to use that as my example. The GreenBay Packers, they are playing the Dallas Cowboys

at some point, maybe not this season. Maybethe Eagles are playing the Cowboys or maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars are playing the cowboys.Heck, let's say my high school football team is playing the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going tobet a hundred bucks that my high school football team wins the game because I think Romo isgoing to throw another interception in the last 30 seconds of the game. If my high school football team wins, I'llmake seventy bucks plus get my original $100 back or my principal back. If the Cowboyswin, probably not, I lose my $100. In terms of how the investment works from a money standpoint,something called binary options are quite

similar, 10010001110001 binary. Binary means1 or 0 in computer language, or yes or no. In the case of binary options, it's all ornone. Lets say the stock market as measured by the SP 500, the number you see on thenightly news every day, it starts today in the morning at two thousand points. You are driving on the way into work, andyou hear on the news, quot;Dow opens at 2,000.quot; Maybe you heard on the news last night Appleis releasing this amazing new product. It's going to allow us to speak to cats. It's calledthe iMeow. I know with 100% certainty the stock market is going to go up in the next30 seconds. Stock market opens at 9, Eastern

Time. I know at 9:01 or 9:15, 9:30am, theSP 500, which started at 2,000 points, is going to be higher because of the iMeow. It'sgoing to go to 2,001, 2,050, 2100, forgetting for a second how they figure out the numberof points and what points are. I don't know much, but I know it's going up,because all cats are going to want to be buying the iMeow. I can buy what's called a binaryoption that lets me speculate, not invest, I'm speculating, gambling really. I can buya $100 binary option that says 30 minutes from now, at 9:30, the stock market is goingto be up. If, in 30 minutes from now, the stock market is up because the iMeow, I'mgoing to get $70. Plus I get to keep my other

100 bucks, so I have $170, I've made 70. Prettygood return, righté 70% return. If I'm wrong, maybe General Electric declares bankruptcyat 9:05 and they drag the whole market down with them, because General Electric is a bigcompany. The whole market gets dragged down below 2,000 points. In that case, I lose my$100. That example, though very rudimentary, isa typical example of what's called a highlow binary option, the most common type of binaryoption that you can find. On the Internet, there are all sorts of popup ads . Justads in general touting binary options. Make money fast. Make money from home in just afew seconds. Get a 70% return on your quot;investment.quot;

The name binary comes from 0 or 1, again,yes or no, win or lose. Make it all or lose it all. It's not investing. It's not watchingyour money grow. It's not watching your money compound. It is making a bet that the stockmarket, or a particular stock, or a particular mutual index fund, a particular index find,a particular commodity fund, some type of investment that's out there is going to behigher or lower in a particular period of time, often as little as 60 seconds or upto 24 hours. Usually not much longer than that, and that time period is when you areguessing what the price is going to do. You guess right, you make money. You guess wrong,you lose it all.

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