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IQ Option Binary Options Using Martingale Trading Strategy

How to earn $200 a day in the comfort of yourhomeé I earn with binary options, namely with Iq Optionbroker. Why Iq Optioné Because it has the highest rates for transactions, i.e. Iq Option hasup to 92% payments per one deal! I also find it very convenient because theywithdraw money within 3 days, but in fact it's much more quickly – three days aregiven taking weekends into account. I use a Martingale strategy! What is the Martingalestrategyé You place a bet, you lost – your next bet doubles. But this strategy does notquite fit binary options, so I upgraded it a bit. In my strategy, I bet a completelydifferent sums and each time in the opposite

direction. Why is thaté Because if there isa longterm trend, we won't be able to win the position, so we need to play in the oppositedirections. This is how it works.We bet $1, for example, for a fall, and if suddenly our position does not win, the next$3 we bet for a rise already. If the position wins, we still bet for a rise, but $1. Ifwe lost $3, we bet $8 and so on. The table of bets is shows in the corner of the screen.So, we have bet $1 for a fall, and it won. Now we need to bet $1 for a rise.The Martingale strategy has never failed me, and I have never reached the 7th bet, i.e.I never had to bet $191. Therefore, I'm 100%

confident in my strategy!You don't have to be a genius or have any economic education to understand how it works.So, we bet $1 for a rise, and now we wait for this position to close.We won again. Actually, I want to show you the loss.But now we bet $1 for a fall again and wait for the result.Before, I worked at the factory for 10 hours a day and got paid peanuts. But after I knewabout Iq Option and binary options, I finally quit the factory and I do not regret it.My friends were shocked when they learned that I quit and went travelling; everyonewanted to know how I make my living. I didn't

conceal it from my friends, and some of themalso began to earn good money with IQ Option. Here at last we lost the first bet, and nowwe need to bet $3 in the opposite direction. A friend of mine still has a job, but he downloadedan app on his phone and is quite successfully trading in his spare time, for example whilein traffic jams. Our $3 bet lost and this is even good, becauseI am sure that we have to win the next bet! Now we bet for a fall in the opposite directionand wait for the results of the next bet, but now we have bet $8. Why do we bet $8éTo win back our previous losses. So it turns out that we earn about $1 per minute.I earn from $200 to $500 a day!

And now our bet won. We return to the $1 betand place it in the opposite direction, i.e. for a rise.If something is not clear to you, you can follow the link in the description or visitthe website that you see in the tutorial, you can find my contacts there, ask me any questionand get the relevant bonuses from me. Our bet loses again and we now need to bet$3 in the opposite direction, i.e. for a fall. IqOption often arranges promotions and providesa variety of bonuses for both beginners and regular brokers. Sign on the link in the descriptionand track the promotions! We have got our $3 back is now we again bet$1 for a rise. Actually, I kill the clock

only because I want to show you a protractedseries of losses, demonstrate how to behave in a given situation. The most important thingin my strategy is not to panic and not to deviate from the strategy, do everything clearlyand without emotion. We won the previous bet, and now we bet $1for a fall. I hope we will lose now and I can show you a series.In the near future, I am going to raise my initial bet to $10 – now I bet $1, but Iwant to start with $10, thus earning ten times more. I'm 100% confident in my strategy, andif you have any doubts, you can simply register a demo account and try trading using thisstrategy – you will be surprised how easy

make money with nadex binary options how to trade on nadex binary options platform

make money with nadex binary options how to trade on nadex binary options platform.

Binary Options Trade Underlying Asset

The first key element of a binary option tradeis underlying asset, global market divide assets into four sub groups namely stock,currencies, commodity and finally indices. Most people are familiar with New York StockExchange with stock such as Google, Microsoft and HSBC traded on its floor. Another exampleof exchange is foreign exchange or simply forex, where global currencies are tradedsuch as EUROUSD, USDCHF, and GDPUSD. In similar fashion commodities are traded in their respectiveexchanges. Few of the examples of exchanges are CBOT Chicago Board Of Trade, Chicago MercantileExchange and London Metal Exchange. Few of the examples of commodities are gold, silverand oil. Finally indices are made up of bucket

of preselected stocks. Buying an index issimilar to buying the entire share that makes up the index, as well as the value of theindex move up and down, based on the value of selected stocks. Few of the famous indicesare Standard And Poor 500 or Dow Jones in USA so these are U.S based indices, FTSE in UK or DAX in Germany. Binary options allow you to trade optionsfor a different group of assets including foreign exchange, commodities, stock and indices.Apart from it you're not only limited to stock from single exchange or country, but you cantrade stocks from Asia, Europe and U.S.A. at the same time. When trading binary optionsyou are not actually buying or selling the

actual asset itself but rather predictingthe direction of the underlying asset. So rather than taking ownership of the assetyou just take the position for or against their movement. However it is very importantthat you understand the peculiarities of the underlying asset you are trading binary optionsof. Each financial instrument have different factors which affect its movement. Understandingthe dynamics of the underlying assets would help you in trading binary options. That's it on the underlying asset, for moreinformation please visit my website that is binaryoptionsgain . Thanks for watching.

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