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7th January testing Binary options Signals and alerts algorithm

Hi Here the the resultsof our algorithm tests of the emini futuresturn or acceleration points on the 7th january 2015 As you can see againour times were excellent today it would have been possiblefor a lot of points As you can see a lot of thetimes our algorithm picks are at balance points in the market we always say that a trade may lastanywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours

and several of them because they areat a balance point can still be winners as the market can turn again well beforethe next algo generated turn point do we map all the turns, no we do notnor they all turns or acceleration points workbut the ones that are chosen are high probability ones usually . while mapping all turns may in theory be possibleit is better to stick with the high probability alerts or signals check out our other tutorials for yourselfand see how accurate our algorithm is

as always these are provided to showcase ouralgorithm and for educational and entertainment purposes onlyand should not be traded. if you do so it is at your own risk entirely.

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