Binary Option Education

What are Binary Options Full Explanation and Basic Trading Strategies

Hi and welcome to real binary optionsreviews! in this tutorial I'm going to explainwhat are binary options and what you can trade with binary optionsand we're going to take a look on how to make a trade and we're going to see some possiblestrategies that you can use with binary options trading.

And I'm going to tell you where you canget some basic education. So first you can just take a look at this tutorial, and if you find a thing interesting you can find the links belowthis tutorial that it will take you to the stepbystep tutorial which will help you understand allaspect of trading and of course which will help you tostart training and making some profit. So first I justwant to start with a simple explanation of what are binary options.So binary option

is a type of trading where you trade thedifferent stock market assets that are basically traded on the majorstock markets. It's a a very simple way of trading soit's easy to learn for beginners. And first I just want to show whatyou can trade. second trading this is you can trade currencies or forks or you can trade stocks and you can tradecommodities like oil gold silver and so on so

how do trade how do you make the trade armed so let's go here I'm basically a currency trader myself Ilike to trade currency pairs so if I opens chart here it's a of theeurodollar this is the training interface and it'sall very simple the basic betray dingus that I think wehave to predict a which way the chart is going to meanso this chart here it represents the price

over the euro in comparison to theballer so at all times a cold war stock marketsthe tradeoffs are constantly buying euro selling baller buying dollarselling euro and of course this effects the you're aballer price and the to be able to make a successfultrade with binary options trading I think wehave to select the direction in which I predictthe chart is going to more so if I could hear hi you see this zonecaller

in the great so if I would answer mytrade here at this position and I would trade for the chart to go upif the chart would go up in my predetermined expiry time %uh from then this will be a winningtrade and the on the other hand I can alsoselect for the chart to go down so again if my prediction is correct andthe chart will go bomb in my predetermined by I'm I will make awinning trades on the other hand if I select bow

How To Get The Best Binary Options Education

Hey everyone it's Beverly and I'd liketo welcome you back to my YouTube channel about binary option trading. In my last tutorialI gave you some tips about choosing the right broker for you. Today I want to talk to youabout getting a proper education in trading. A common mistake among some new binary optiontraders, especially those with some financial experience is to think that they know everythingthere is to know about binary options because they've already done this and that. Pleasedon't make that mistake it can be the end of your account before you even got a footin the door. The great thing about binary options is thatyou can get a great education from practically

anywhere.Your first source is the wonderful World Wide Web and your new best friend Google. Practicallyeverything you want to know about everything is on it and can be located quite easily.If you need the latest Gold prices, news on Apple's upcoming share announcement or backgroundon the latest tensions causing the dollar to spike it's all there, most of it forfree. Some financial sites have already done thelegwork for you TickTackTrade for example has a great education center with nearly 200articles on various assets and much more, check the link in the description!Finally most brokers have online tutorials,

webinars and other great ways for you to learnsome tips tricks. The best advice I can give you is really touse every learning opportunity you have. You never know where when you might learn somethingnew that will help you profit from your next trade.Thank you for watching! Please subscribe to my channel for even more great tutorials.

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