Binary Option Minimum Trade

Learn to Use Binary Options Trading Platform

Hi my name is Marc Ashwin, and I'm a fulltime binary options trader. In this short tutorial I will show you how you place tradesover a live option trading account. So to get started I will log into my trading account,by entering my email address, my password and click log in. You can see this is my livebinary option trading account, with approximately $143,000 in available balance. As you probablyknow in this example, I will show you how you place trades over a Banc De Binary platform,but most of the other binary option brokers, work in a similar way or similar fashion aswell. So once you learn how to trade over one platform, it won't be difficult for youto trade, over other brokers as well.

There are four different aspects of a binaryoption trade. The first one is asset, the next is expiry, the third is bias and thelast one is the amount that you want to risk. So you could modify all of the aspects fromthe trading chart here. The first one as I mentioned is an asset. You could select scoresof different assets from this drop down including currencies, commodities, indices, stocks andpairs. So I will select Euro USD in this case. Next you can modify the expiry of the option.The current option is set to expire in six minutes. I can set the expiry to one hour,30 minutes or the next day or so on. So I will just set it to 14, so that it expiresafter around 30 to 40 minutes. The third aspect

of a binary option trade or the point, thatyou need to set here, is you need to form a bias. That is either the market will moveup or down. If you believe the price of the asset at the end of the expiry will be higher,than the current price you will place a call trade. If you believe the price of the assetwill fall, and it will be lower than the current strike price, at the end of the expiry soyou will place a down or a put trade. So let's say the price will move up, so wewill place a call trade. And the fourth aspect as I've mentioned previously is the amountthat you want to risk per trade. Banc De Binary enables you to set amount in multiples of$1; however there are a few brokers which

set the limitation for the minimum amountthat you could risk per trade. There are a few brokers that have a minimum trade sizeof $5 or $225, but Banc De Binary will set to any amount in multiple of $1. So you couldalso place the trade of $1 which I'm going to place in order to show you how the tradeswork. So once all is set I believe the price will go up. I will place a call trade afterI click the apply button. If the trade turns out to be in the expected direction, I willmake a 75% return over my investment. So I will click apply. Next I will scroll the screenlower to see the trade that is placed. I've got the trade confirmation and it's tellingme that my trade is placed. So I'll cancel

the confirmation. Scroll it lower and youcan see a trade is placed here. So it is showing me the position id, the asset or the underlyingasset, the strike price at which I entered a trade and the current price of the underlyingasset, the direction of the trade, the time, the expiration time and the investment amountand the potential payout. As the option price is lower than the strike price, at right nowso the potential payout is Euro USD. If it goes higher than the strike price, then itwill show me the profit the potential payout with profit. That's it on how do you trade over a livebinary option trading platform. If you have

any questions or comments, please leave themin the comments section below. You can also visit my website that is BinaryoptionsGain and thanks for watching.

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