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3 Rules Followed By Successful Binary Option Traders

Hello everyone, I'm Lexie and this is my binaryoption trading channel. Over the last few tutorials I've talked a littleabout trading software, trading currencies and Facebook, activating your account andother topics and I hope you've watched those tutorials and was able to enjoy and get someuseful advice out of them. Today I want to discuss something simple yourfuture in binary option trading, or more specifically, how it can be improved.There are many rules to trading, too many for me to list here in one simple tutorial, butthere are 3 rules I feel are the cornerstone of knowledge, rules that every successfultrader must follow:

1) Set a limit and stick to it do not spendmore money on trading than you can afford to lose, I'm not a pessimistic person, butwhen investing it's always smart to prepare for losses rather than count on winnings,set your dailyweeklymonthly spending amount and stick to it.2) Don't chase your losses this one should be quite obvious when you chase losses itmeans you're trading with your heart instead of using your head to plan ahead, and thatis almost never a good thing when money is concerned.3) Study it is always better to trade assets you know. You know how they behave, how themarket affects them, how they react and so

on. Try to resist temptations even if theprice looks too good to pass up on an asset you don't know well you may end up regrettingsuch trades. Thanks again for watching everyone, see youon my next tutorial!.

Bullish University How to Trade Binary Options Profitably

Hello and welcome to Bullish University! I am Ben Newman, Director and Head of Training. Here at Bullish, our aim is simple. It is to ensure that all of our membershave the correct knowledge, ability and confidence to trade effectively at all times. Now, understanding risk is a massive partof this and the mistake that most people make is they simply start trading without any prioreducation. So via our channel, the members areaor our website, and our Facebook community

you are able to join in with us and ensurethat your training effectively at all times. Now, for more information, simply subscribeto our channel or click the link below and we can arrange a call back from a consultant. I look forward to speaking to you very soon!.

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