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Open Payment Platform screencast white label options

Hello, today I'm going to walk you throughthe white label options for PAY.ON's online Developer Portal, the interactive tool thathelps developers integrate with the Open Payment Platform.Customizable options for the platform and portal include: Logo, product names, defaultcurrency, available brands, and design. Today I will show what some of these optionslook like in the developer portal. Here you see the portal's start page. Atthe top left is the PAY.ON logo, which is here only as a placeholder.Here is how it would look for a company named Sample Limited. Merchants never see the PAY.ONlogo.

You can also change product names to alternativesyou prefer. For example, our JavaScript payment widget is usually called COPYandPAY. However,this Sample Limited site uses the name PAYandGO instead. You can change the name of any product,even the name Open Payment Platform can be changed. Another customization option is tochange the default currency used across the interactive demos. In this example the defaultcurrency is set to euro, I'm now changing it to US dollar.Next I'll show you how you can choose from PAY.ON's entire range of payment methodsand can customize the brand list to suit your needs and target market. Here we see a selectionof brands PAY.ON supports. This list is customizable

depending on the needs of specific merchants.Here is a smaller list of brands that Sample Limited created for merchants in a particularcountry. The design is easy to change as well. So farI've been using the default color. Here is what the portal looks like in dark grey.You can change the colors or other aspects of the portal to suite your corporate identity.The final option I will show you is the customizable menu bar. You can choose which menu itemsappear on your portal. On the left you see a standard menu bar, with the typical itemslisted. Here is a different menu bar with some items removed. You can also rename andreorder items.

These are only some of the white label optionsavailable in the developer portal. Contact us if you want to hear more abouthow PAY.ON's genuine white label payment solutions can work for you.

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