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hi this is tod let's talk about options strategies after that will jump on to my tradingsoftware and see some examples of option strategies in action first off i believe that there isalmost an unlimited a number of option strategies that can be used to trade options depending on yourtrading objectives many popular

options strategies such as a singleoption plays, straddles, credits spreads debit spreads and such are well known and can even be used asbuilding blocks to build more complex strategies such as a butterfly or an iron condor now options trading in general is muchmore complex than just trading stocks as you need to analyze time value

and volatility in addition to the pricemovement of the underlying asset so in order to build an option strategythat fits your trading style and trade plan it is a good idea to have a solid backgroundof the basics of options and how they are priced and how the pricing changesas market conditions change you can even build upon that basicknowledge of common strategies to build more customized complex strategies let's look at some examples now on mytrading platform

okay what we're looking at here is mythink or swim trading platform and uh. you can see different positions here they're just vertical spreads a couple of credit spreads and debit spreadsand a single option position click on here to get them to show on the profit and loss graph which appears in theblue area which shows you the profit loss of the option that you are trying to look at

this spread says we get about three hundreddollar if we stay to the right of this line here by expiration expiration which is about a month and a half away so so that's uh. and this is withputs

and July and ten contract of each let's look at another one and this is a call credit spread and this isjust the opposite this one says if we stay to the left and the current market priceis right here in the center which is about one hundred and thirty one dollars right now so as long as we stay to the left of

Monthly Income from Options trading strategies by Options Trading Expert Hari Swaminathan

Welcome to optiontiger , the home of cuttingedge options trading education and high performance strategies My name is Hari Swaminathan andI'm the founder of optiontiger . I've been an options trader for almost 7 years now.I have a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from India and an MBA from Columbia Business Schoolin New York City. A quick overview on Option Tiger. Option Tiger is the home top notchoption educator and trading strategies. The core education product is a set of 47 coursesthat takes anyone from the beginner level to the most advance. The option edge tradingsystem also known as the Holy Grail is a high end sophisticated combination of strategiesthat can pretty much guaranteed a 5 10 percent

return for month if not more any market condition.This strategy is currently used by many customers who are all experiencing this returns on amonthly basis. We also have a trading ideas monthly subscriptions service. The IncomeMaxmonthly strategies are the newest product that are set to launch on November 1, 2013.Before we get to the details of the income max trading strategies, let's first acknowledgethat options trading can be challenge even advance traders have a consistency issue IEa consistency in performance. Now there are various reason for this including the optionsmarket structured itself as well as the role of the market makers and there edge in themarket.Th e bottom line is we traders need

an edge of our own to succeed in the market.In the options world, we have the benefit of the number of grades strategies, we havecredit spreads, calendars, butterflies, iron condors, and many more and this no doubt thatthis forgiven situation in an particular stocks, there maybe one or two strategies that arebest suited for that situation. However as you may have experience, constantly fishingfor stock to trade and to fin the right strategies for particular situations and then makingthe right adjustments for the right time can be a time consuming as well as a challengingpropositions. The ideal scenarios to master a certain strategies and perfect them to apoint that you know exactly what to do when

things go away or things don't go away. Thiskind of narrow focus allows us to hold on skills very precisely and we are able to takeactions almost in a robotic manners, we can then rinse and repeat this formula on a monthlybasis for consistent performance while fishing for stocks and trades to be an interestingand a funny experience it's not really the smartest or the successful way to trade themarkets. The keys to success is consistently applying a formula and a associated tacticsand repeated trade after trade. So the income max strategies does exactly that. They'redesign so that you completely avoid the experimentation of different trading strategies. You cut throughall the noise and simply focus on the stuffs

that can make money on a consistent basismonth after month. Okay, so let's delft into the details in the max system. There are 2income max strategies in this package, the income max spread system and the income maxstraddle system. The spread system uses both debit as well as credit spreads and the straddlesystem uses straddles and strangles. Both systems contains a very key intellectual componentsthat make highly and powerful that generate monthly income. The target monthly incomeof both strategies is five is 5 to 10 percent per month although you'll see the system performancebetter than that as well however the minimum bar is set at 5 10 percent per month. You'llhere that even professional fun managers can

not make those kind of returns and that'strue. The law of large numbers do not work for them, the larger the fund, the harderit is to make high returns when you have a hundred million dollar fund or a one billiondollar fund, it becomes a monumental task to make 5 10 percent a month on those amountswithout taking excessive risk but for us traders we count for a five thousand to five hundredthousands, it was absolutely impossible to make this returns just ask the holy grailscustomers why enjoying this returns on a monthly basis for several months now and this is thegreatest part of income max strategies. This strategies work very well for both large aswell as small account size and i'll be touching

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