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Shortterm OTM Options Double Your Money in One Day Options trading strike price Puts Calls

Shortterm OTM Options: Double Your Money in One Dayé Options trading strike price Puts Calls, Options trading strategies, Options Trading for beginners, Options trading basics, Options trading 101, Options trading for dummies welcome to another episode of looking atthe markets with David Moadel let's talk about some options todaytoday's episode is shortterm out of the money or otm options double your money in one day mhm sounds intriguing let's find out alowcost way to get massive gains many traders try for massive gains by buyingshortterm talking about weekly outofthemoney calls and puts this canbe especially appealing to traders with small accounts since these options costvery little money and can double or

triple or more in value if theunderlying stock or ETF Rises sharply so here are some examples of Al and that'sAmerican Airlines call options as you can see on this particular day theunderlying equity american airlines stock had gone upquite a bit it went up a lot that day too almost two and a half percent in one daywhich is a pretty big game for the stock now as you can see the long term in themoney and that's the top here this was well actually today

july seven and so the expiration date onthis call is November 18 so i would consider that a fairly long term calloption and this is in the money this top one here because it's $27 calland the the price is over twenty nine dollars so this was purchased in the money and this is also longterm this callhere but it was purchased out of the money and it's it's still somewhat outof the money all right that's a thirtydollar calland again be the current price is about

twenty nine dollars so this isoutofthemoney and this one is short term expiring tomorrow actually so it's got a day maybe a day and a halfleft on it and this is in the money short term and this is outofthemoneyshort term alright so as you can see the long termin the money and out of the money calls went up moderately all right so yeahthey went up they did find it okay however the short term these are the twoshort term ones the short term in the money call righthere went up over fifty percent almost

sixty percent actually and the shortterm outofthemoney call right here went up a whopping three hundred percenttripling your money in one day that's a pretty massive gain and this isthis is the dream that people have when they buy these shortterm weeklyoutofthemoney calls they're hoping for this kind of game or at least thiskind of game but preferably there they're really thinking of doubling oreven tripling their money if you'd like him an even more dramatic example hereare a couple of examples of cos T that's cost go call options and as you can seecostco head gone up a lot on this day

again this this is today july seventh and it's up a little bitover four and a half percent that's a that's a sizable up move for theunderlying asset here which is costco stock so it it got a lot on this day and againas you can see you can see that the long term in the money calls did well i meanthat's that's a goodsized game there almost 40% but the games on the shortterm outofthemoney calls went up over four hundred percent so the games on theshort term outofthemoney calls were

Withdrawing Your Binary Option Account Funds

Hi everyone, it's Carl here again, hopefully,at least some of my recent tutorials have helped you in your quest to become a better binaryoptions trader. In today's tutorial I want to talk about a veryhappy occasion for every trader yes, today we're talking about the joyful occasion ofwithdrawing your funds. There are two parts to this discussion thewhen and the how. First of all When is the best time to withdrawfundsé That is a question with a complex answer,because obviously, we all have different goals as traders, but to me, in general, I tendto withdraw an amount once I have at least

doubled my initial deposit and still havean amount to leave in my account for normal activity.I do this for two reasons first of all an amount that's less than double your depositwill likely mean you haven't turned real profit yet, so what you're really doing is movingsmall amounts in and out of your account which takes time and often costs you some commissionmoney. Secondly, there's a sense of real achievementthat goes with being able to tell, even yourself quot;I've just doubled my moneyquot;.Leaving your money any longer than doubling it may lead you down a path of tempting tradesthat will end up costing you, so know when

to cash out.As for how, well, that's really the simple part I tend to return the funds via wiretransfer or directly to my card, other methods strike me as slightly less than reliable,and I would hate for something to delay my hard earned cash any more than is needed.Thanks for listening again, make sure you click below to subscribe to my channel foreven more tutorials!.

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