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What Is The Best Binary Options Trading Strategy

hi there my name is John iand in this tutorial we are going to talk all about the best strategy for binaryoptions trading right from start let me tell you that there isno one strategy that will work for everyone you may beasking why It is because eachindividual has different risk tolerance and lifestyle for example if you're impatient and decide to tryrisky strategy with big gains and losses may make you go crazy

so you may want to stick to yourcomfort level or at least increase your risk slowly another factor is your lifestyle if your lifestyle does notallow you to glue your eyeballs to the screenevery minute of the day then did not attempt to make use ofstrategies that such great attention to detail picka time frame that is compatible with yourlifestyle

now that we have covered that there aretwo major schools of binary options trading they are thefundamental analysis makes use of statistical data such as GDP interest rate and employmentrate to try to predict the future price on the other hand technical analysis depend solely on charts you look at charts and analyze the trends and pricing

and try to predict the price movementfrom the observations the best binary options analysis for you might be fundamentaltechnical or a mix of both it's best to trydifferent strategies until you find one that you are comfortable with is in line withyour risk tolerance and happens to be compatible with your lifestyle for more tutorials of binary options trading pleas subscribe to my channel.

Trading Software Binary Options For Beginners Ep 2 Trading GoldHD

Trading Software Binary Options For Beginners Ep 2 – Trading Gold the commodity everybody wants 20 a safehaven for investors when confidence in themarkets is low gold is closely correlated with other assets like oil and thedollar that makes it the perfect commodity to trade as a binary option welcome to binaryoptions for beginners like oil

all these priced in US dollars so thefirst thing you have to remember when trading involves that is very closelycorrelated with the price for the dollar it's an inverse relationship meaningthat if the dollar goes up old guys down it used to be that theeuro in bold move together if one when up the other followed thatcorrelation has totally fallen apart after the European debt crisis since2010 when you finally post through and theproblem of sovereign debt is resolved I definitely expect this relationship tome a much the prices of gold and the US

dollar moving opposite directions when you seeone move be ready to trade the other traders use gold as a hedge againstinflation if the US economy's underperforming andthe dollar is weak the marquee almost invariably test aboutit's a very predictable safe haven from risk address investors safety see the dollar taking a big hitthe smart move is the place a call

option on gold economies and gold producingcountries like Australia and Canada obviously do really well when thepossible ties up astray exports around $14 billion withgold every year the US produces a similaramount so I rising gold price won't help you with the Australian American dollarcurrency pair now just cancel each other out and downoption on the euro as he died on the other hand is a very smart right

think of the Swiss franc the same way wethink about US Treasury bonds another safe haven asset for investorsthe Swiss franc has backed by gold around 25 percent you will take so whengold was up the Swiss franc buys up and vice versabehave just like the you are used to before the crisis both had to fix andhaving founded it doesn't trust it doesn't Thomasthat's why people are drawn to it in an economic downturn thanks for watching binary options tobegin its

make all your trades be in the money of.

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