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Binary Trading Hack Review Does Thomas Lawrences BTH Automator EA Really Work

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This week finance news 26114

I'm Amy Anderson for OptionRally TV.Let's take a look at how last week wrapped up and what to expect this coming week.The Federal Reserve meeting will begin on Jan 28thEquities tumble around the globe And Argentina devaluates its currency Let's take a quick look at what is happeningin the global markets. Corporate earnings upset equity investorsaround the globe with stock markets tumbling to their lowest in 2014. The Nikkei 225 averagelost ground Friday to the lowest closing level in more than a month, pressured by sellingafter New York equities plunged overnight

and the yen strengthened against the dollar.The lackluster HSBC China manufacturing purchasing managers' index for January, announced Thursday,made investors riskaverse amid growing uncertainty over the course of the global economy. TheDow dropped nearly 320 points Friday, or almost 2%. The SP 500 and Nasdaq fell more than2%. The sharp sell�off in emerging market currencies sent European equities substantiallylower, mirrored by US stocks later in the day. German and US bonds went higher. US 10�yearyields decreased to an eight�week low. European markets closed sharply lower, with Germany'sDAX and France's CAC 30 dropping more than 2% each. All market attention will be on theJan 2829th Federal Reserve meeting, the last

headed by Ben Bernanke. Traders are expectingthe FOMC to announce a small increase in its tapering plans. In the foreign exchange market according toan ECB statement, the ECB, the BoE, the BoJ and the SNB will wind down emergency dollarliquidity facilities that were put in place to assist lenders facing financial turbulence.This decision was taken in view of the considerable improvement in US dollar funding conditions.The euro and the yen strengthened against the dollar. Argentina's peso has tumbled more15% against the dollar over the past two days amid concerns over the country's foreign exchangereserves. Argentina's government devalued

the currency Thursday in a bid to jump startgrowth. The resulting drop in the peso is the worst since 2002 when Argentina defaultedon its debt. Meanwhile, the Turkish lira fell to a record low for a ninth straight day againstthe dollar. The lira is down more than 8% this year. India's rupee also lost significantground against the dollar. Moving to the commodities market gold hitits highest in two months as the dollar fell and a global flight from emerging market assetsset global stock markets on course for their worst week so far in 2014. The US currencyregistered its biggest oneday drop in three months, leaving bullion in line to post afifth week of gains. Gold was up 0.6 percent

at $1271.41.Global crudeoil prices finish in mixed fashion amid markets unnerved by weak Chinese economicdata and worries about global energy demand, especially in emerging markets. I'm Amy Anderson follow me Monday throughFriday right here on my Channel at Optionrally and on my Facebook page. Have a great tradingweek.

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