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Nonfarm payroll data release Event News

Welcome to OptionRally news and our weeklymarket event update. The big market event this week will be thejobs data from the US This week it's all about the Nonfarm payrolldata from the US, which will be released on Jan 10th, 2014. If you like you can join usfor our live trading webinar. This indicator is released monthly, usually on the firstFriday of each month. The data released is the change in nonfarmpayrolls, compared to the previous month it can vary a lot ranging from 10 000 to 250000 new jobs. In December the markets were expecting 180,000 new jobs and traders weresurprised when the report showed that the

US had created over 203,000 new jobs. Andto top it off unemployment fell from 7.3% to 7.0%, which pushed the Federal Reserveto begin to taper its asset purchase program. So why does this matter to youéBecause this indicator will tell you if the US economy is doing well,Increased amount of jobs created will inform you that the companies are growing, and adecrease means that the opposite is true. How does this affect your tradingéThe nonfarm payrolls report can push market volatility so you can make a profit, in afew hours, or even minutes. Dramatic changes may create unique opportunities to make profitswith Binary Options trading. The primary assets

that are affected by this report are: theUS dollar and Gold, so keep a close eye on these at the time of the release. Thanks for joining us for the market eventof the week, join me for the daily news here at OptionRally TV and watch for our specialmarket event updates weekly. You can also follow me on my Facebook page. See you there.

How do I choose which news events to trade Ahead Of The Week 6th March

Hi traders, I'm Christina Nicolaides, bringingyou the world's major trading events with Banc De Binary's Ahead of the Week Report. Let's review the main asset trends fromlast week. The Euro was DOWN on a lack of good economicnews from the Eurozone. The USD was UP on more positive investor sentiment.The GBP was DOWN, pressured by Brexit concerns. Gold was UP on continued safehaven buying. Oil was UP on speculation that the supplywill be further restricted by producers. Welcome back to our trading outlook for thecoming five days.

The Event of the Week is on Thursday withthe ECB's Interest Rate Decision, which may have an impact on the Euro. More about that later. It's a big day for the Japanese YEN on Mondaythe 7th of March, when the latest reading of the country's fourthquarter GDP is releasedat 23:50. Last seen at the bearish level of minus 0.4percent on a quarterly basis, the new result may send the Yen up or down. Tuesday the 8th of March brings trading opportunitieson the EURO at 10:00 when the Eurozone releases

the latest reading of its fourthquarter GDP. Previously reported at the level of 1.5 percenton an annual basis, the Eurozone is still dealing with its financial and economic crisis,so this result is an important one. The Canadian loonie may see some movementon Wednesday the 9th of March, when the Bank of Canada releases its Interest Rate Decisionat 15:00. The BOC is holding rates at the low levelof 0.5 percent, mainly because of the fall in Oil prices and the resulting reductionof its GDP. Thursday the 10th of March has a marketmovingevent at 12:45 with the European Central Bank's

Interest Rate Decision, previously at 0.05percent. This is followed by the ECB's Press Conferenceat 13:30. Depending on what ECB chief Mario Draghi says, the EURO could move up or down. Finally for the trading week, on Friday we'rewatching the Canadian Unemployment Rate release for February at 12:30. Last seen at the level of 7.2 percent, thisis a key indicator for the Canadian economy's health. Next up is our Trading Tip of the Week, basedon your frequently asked questions.

How do I choose which news events to tradeé Trading choices are based on the strategyyou follow. It's difficult to choose which trading eventsare the most important, so watching BDB's Ahead of the Week Report can help identifythe marketmoving ones. It really depends on which strategy you followand which assets you're most experienced with. Our tip is to research and study how assetsreact to market news events and then decide your strategy.

Remember to follow us on Facebook for dailyupdates and expert articles about the international markets. Follow us on Twitter by searching for TraderTip,and check our Economic Calendar for more events. Thanks for watching, see you next week.

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