Binary Options One Touch Option

One Touch Binary Options Trading System

Hi my name is Marc Ashwin, and I'm a professionalbinary options trader. In this tutorial I will show you what are one touch option, and apersonal one touch binary option trading strategy. So in order to get started, I will open mybroker website, that is anyoption . Hit enter. Once the broker website is loaded Iwill press the login button. Anyoption has changed their website layout, so I need toclick login, and then enter my username and password, and then again click login. Youcan see this is my live anyoption trading account, with 200,000 available balance, andI made this money purely by trading options. As I'm recording this tutorial on weekends, soI'm not given access to regular binary trading

platform, and it's asking me to testingme that you could only trade one touch options on weekends, so I'll click on the window totake me to the one touch trading section of the platform.For each asset you will see multiple one touch, options trade available that you could trade,from and for DowJones you can see more one touch options available. Each option has differentstrike price. The first two are call and the second two are put. The first DowJones strikeprice is 16,043 as the strike price, is further apart from the current price so are the profits.The profits contained will be higher, for the one touch options whose prices, are furtherapart from the current price. The second one

have only 150% return, but its price or itsstrike price, is relatively closer to the current price of the DowJones.In this example I will show you how, to perform analysis over Euro USD, and direct the directionof the one touch option, for the next week. You make money on one touch option, if onthe next week the price touches the strike price, or cross beyond the strike price, incase of a call or touches the strike price, of a put rate or cross below that strike price.Anyoption offer one touch options available in units of $50. So you could trade any trademultiples of $50 units. Next I will open my charting software, toperform analysis of one touch trades. I will

open my charting profit platform. On the platformyou can see, I've already drawn the call strike price, and the put strike price on the EuroUSD, daily done print chart. Next I want to see the economic releases, that are aboutto be released on next week. So the website to show you the economic releases is forexfactory .I will move back to my web browser and open forex factory. There is a list of new releases,about to release each day of next week, and the currency it's expected to impact and thepriority. So you need to analyze them before hand, for the pair that you are trading. Foreach asset the are different, but if you're trading currencies, forexfactory is agood place to start with. I will move back

to my charting software. After you analyzethe news releases for the next week, you need to check the average put range of the chart.So I will move to busy time frame and select the cross here. Hover the cross here overthe area and I can see that the area is 245 pits. Though it is not really high area thatwe were looking for, but still there is a slight possibility that the price, might touchdeep levels of point 31 and 1.358 over the next week. After that we will draw our supportand resistance, or perform chart spectrum analysis, or trend analysis to identify wherethe price, is expected to move for the next week.You can visit my website, to get the complete

trading strategy, for one touch option fordifferent assets. So please visit BinaryoptionsGain for more information and thanks for watching.

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