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Where Does Money Come From The Fraud of Bank Credit

I greet you in the love and the light of theinfinite Creator. Where Does Money Come Fromé The Fraud ofBank Credit, | Do you own a homeé A caré Do you have a credit card or a student loanéThe question of where money comes from and why we need it is almost never asked. Yetin our modern world almost everyone agree's that one must do something to make it; wemust earn a living. As we described in the below article on the Money Masters, when apeople looses touch with reality, when they blindly accept illusion as unquestioned fact,then money is needed to help manage the incompetent masses.

Almost everyone on Earth has to deal withthis unnatural creation known as money. We train for 20 years in educational institutionsostensibly so we can compete with others who need money too. We pollute the environment,pillage other nations, force those who are imprisoned to work for a small pittance sothat corporations can make millions all in the name of making a buck. But what if we were being duped, what if themoney we slave away our lives to earn was created by us in the first placeé Well getready to have your mind blown, because that is exactly how the financial system works.

Where Does Money Come Fromé Bank Credit. The answer to the question of where moneyreally comes from, if fully understood by the general population, would incite a worldwiderebellion over night. The truth is we create money every time we sign a promissory note,a loan or credit card application. The Uniform Commercial Code as well as the Federal Reservedefines a negotiable instrument as any document, verbal or written, in which one party makesa promise to return goods or services to another. That means even unapproved loan applicationscan be turned into money. As the below article details, banks and creditcard companies, essentially any lending institution

tied to the Federal Reserve System and theUCC (all of them in other words) do not lend money; they convert it. Here's how it works. When you walk into abank looking to receive a loan to buy a house, car or what have you, a loan application isneeded. On this loan application you list your identifying information, the amount needed,and a promise to pay back the loan over a period of time. This is a contract, and anegotiable instrument it's money. The local bank then takes this bond, and goes to theFederal Reserve Bank to have it converted to Federal Reserve Notes. These FRN's arealso negotiable instruments, they are I.O.U.'s

from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to the FederalReserve. In other words they are a promise to pay, exactly like what you just filledout at the bank. The bank then gives you the loan amount (which it did not have beforeyou signed the application) and charges you interest for the 'risk' you are burdeningthe bank with. Here's the problem with this whole scheme:it's a deceptive fraud. The Bank never lent you any money, all they did was act as transferagent. The Federal Reserve didn't lend you any money either, they merely accepted yourloan application as valid tender; money. And since none of this was fully disclosed tous, it is a contract made without full disclosure;

it is null and void. So how did this fraud come into beingé Thatsa long story, but the moral is the same for nearly every other story of tyranny pushedon humanity; lack of knowledge lets us be fooled. Long ago we stopped asking questions,we stopped wondering about essential aspects of life, and we let others manage things forus. Ignorance is the foundation behind any fraud'ssuccess. The snake oil salesman can't let his unwitting customers learn the truth, assuch, the Money Masters can't let the people learn the truth about money.

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