Binary Options Scams List

What Is The Best Binary Options Trading Strategy

hi there my name is John iand in this tutorial we are going to talk all about the best strategy for binaryoptions trading right from start let me tell you that there isno one strategy that will work for everyone you may beasking why It is because eachindividual has different risk tolerance and lifestyle for example if you're impatient and decide to tryrisky strategy with big gains and losses may make you go crazy

so you may want to stick to yourcomfort level or at least increase your risk slowly another factor is your lifestyle if your lifestyle does notallow you to glue your eyeballs to the screenevery minute of the day then did not attempt to make use ofstrategies that such great attention to detail picka time frame that is compatible with yourlifestyle

now that we have covered that there aretwo major schools of binary options trading they are thefundamental analysis makes use of statistical data such as GDP interest rate and employmentrate to try to predict the future price on the other hand technical analysis depend solely on charts you look at charts and analyze the trends and pricing

and try to predict the price movementfrom the observations the best binary options analysis for you might be fundamentaltechnical or a mix of both it's best to trydifferent strategies until you find one that you are comfortable with is in line withyour risk tolerance and happens to be compatible with your lifestyle for more tutorials of binary options trading pleas subscribe to my channel.

Binary Options Scam Promoters Exposed THEIR FACES

Hi guys this is alm from price action postone of my tutorial has been deleted on it's a tutorial that has the same titleas this one. The tutorial has been flagged by this guy. it's one of the exposed scammersbecause I used a portion of his content so i decided to reexpose their facetheir nasty face to prevent newbies. guys you see here are the top scammers of 2016 I tell you how they operate they go toclickbank or similar website and get their affiliate links to promote there isnothing bad in affiliation but the software they promote are proven scam.It's autotrading software like Neo2, Ice9

copy buffet, those bullshit! they do not make money with these software. so why promoting theméthey are scammers.they make tutorial showing fake profit to newbies or saying they are saying they are making withdrawal. it's fake they make money when someone clock on their link then make a deposit and he once he depositedhis money he discover that the software is not a money maker but a money sucker.each month these guys promote a new scam I talked to to a newbie who lost morethan sixteen thousand dollars just by jumping from software to software. this is not thecomplete list

there are many more YouTube scammersi will expose more face I've also found some female. Scam female. it is a shame. I will expose face here wait for it I want you to sharethis tutorial to limit the damage caused to newbies. shade it.

Binary Options Scam Mafia Exposed Beware

Hello, Hello everybodyI would like today to expose, to give some information for those people who don't believeme. This is a big mafia. And a big scam.I have a lot of links to prove it. Again I would like to say that I have no affiliation:any company, I have nothing to sell you. I am a simple trader, not even a good one,to be honest! On this channel I speak with my mind! I doany tutorial editing. I do not prepare my speech.My goal is to expose these guys. People are asking why am I doing thiséBecause I see them destroying other people's

life. And I think this is awful. They are destroyingpeople life. People who doesn't know anything about binary options. I come online and seethis guys talking about making thousands of dollars. They give them their hard earnedmoney. I don't care about the views. I am simply using my channel to expose them.I do my own review and I have my own experience. All comments are going to be accepted, eventhose calling me bastard. Say your words , it gonna be accepted because it doesn't changeanything in my life. It does n' matter. Anyway what I am doing is what I think it's OK todo. I wanna help people. I haven't made money with software, so I haveno suggestion for you. If you find a good

one let me know.this guys lose ten times, and only win one then claim they are profitable. They recordevery time. And post when only they make money. This is an honest review.These people I think must be sued for what they do to other. They don't give a shit howmany life they destroy. How many people lose their money. They have no comment on peoplelosing their money. If so many people aren't making money with software how can they makemoney. It doesn't make any sense. There is brilliant people making it trading binaryoptions, and those people do not show their face on .Let's talk a little bit about this guy, he

has a system, and encourage you to depositon five unregulated broker, because it will lower the risk he said. You're not loweringthe risk, you're just tripling your risk. If you take a call option, you'll win or lose5 times in all brokers. Why I do they ask you to deposit in five different brokers,because they have $200 commission in both of them. This guy here is doing the exactthing. So a lot of guy ask me who make these scam softwareé I'll give my opinion. Theyhave the same boss, because they both work in the sync. This month they promote 'copybuffet', and they say makingmoney with copybuffet. They have a lot of subscriber

asking about 'copybuffet' bla bla. in theynext month it will be 'safeincome', and they both make review of 'safeincome' claimingthey are making money with that. They all work accordingly and post on in async manner. I talka lot about micheal freeman. the biggest liar in the binary options industryon . He looks nice and friendly but there is a lot of proof of his nastiness.I'll make this tutorial short, just check by yourself. He is the biggest scam bag. He isthreatening people family. He is not kidding. He has a big team mafia.I am showing you another one. They release this NEO2, scam software recently. They sayit's predicting weather. Everybody knows that

predicting weather has nothing to do withbinary options. It's absolutely crazy. You 're just flipping coin with binary options,it's up or down. It's unpredictable in five minutes time frames.You're betting against the broker, if the broker make money you lose money id you makemoney they lose money. You are betting against other user, you're betting against the broker.The broker give software connecting to their system and claim they are giving money tipeople with no hard work! If you spend months coding working hard, testing for many hours,why do you give your money for free to these brokers. In my opinion, it's a scam run bybrokers, so they get people addicted to binary

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