Binary Options Signals 90 Accuracy

Powerful 60 Seconds Binary Options Strategy 90

The first tactic is to operate binary optionsof 1, 2 or 3 minutes. And it is based on market psychology.The tactic is to wait for the breaking of a support or resistance level. This is becausemany investors use this strategy in different markets such as the stock and Forex markets.Then, this method becomes stronger and has better results.This method is very strong and I will explain it with this image. Many investors have manypurchase orders at higher levels of a resistance. Therefore, when the resistance level is broken,many buy orders appear, and suddenly the price begins to rise quickly for a period of 1 to3 minutes. You should trade a binary option

of 1 or 2 minutes after a break, and thisstrategy is quite effective. The same applies to the support levels, thereare many sell orders just below a support level, and when it is broken, all these salesorders are activated, producing a bearish movement for a period of 1 to 3 minutes. Therefore,you take a binary option of 1 or 2 minutes just after the break of the support.Moving averages show the price trend in this strategy. It is always better to invest inthe direction of the trend. And the volumen shows that when the breakdown happens, thevolume increases, and it is a volume in the direction of the binary option we take.

Now we have a real example of the tactic 1 You can notice that there is a support level Then, if the price breaks this level The trend is going to be bearish and it is going to be very strong Then, we take a binary option, for example, of 1 minute But you can take a binary option of 2 minutes as well Now, we are waiting that the price is going to break this level We choose a binary option of 1 minute

Now we have to wait 1 minute. Let´s go faster After 1 minute. We won the trade. Because the current price is lower than the first price. We invested $100. And we get $75 in 1 minute It is a very useful strategy. Because it is based on human psychology. and you need to take this into account. The price moves according to the human psychology.

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