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Welcome to Binary ! Since 1999, we've been a true pioneer inthe Binary Options Trading industry, with a flexible, awardwinning platform;fully licensed, safe, and secure business practices;and exclusive, patented pricing technology, hosting over $2 billion in trades to date. But what is “Binary Options Tradingâ€�é It's a special type of online trading witha fixed payout, in which you predict the outcome from twopossible results.

The word “Binaryâ€� in Binary Options Tradingcomes from the choice of two potential outcomes, in a perfectly clearcut,dualsided scenario. For example:Will the price of Gold trade higher than the current spot price in 15 daysé No matter how you slice this scenario, thereare only two outcomes possible: Yes, it will trade HIGHER. Or no, it will trade LOWER. Let's just say that you take the positionthat it will trade HIGHER, and decide to purchase this option.

If your prediction is correct at the endof the set period, you'll receive the payout that was determinedat the start of the trade. o Note that this amount is automatically calculatedand reported to you through Binary 's pricing technology,before you even press the button to purchase this trade. If your prediction is incorrect at the endof the set period, you'll only lose your initial stake, andno more. o Note that the stake is equal to the amountthat you initially pay to purchase the trade

–so there are absolutely no surprises. Thus, as you can see, Binary Options Tradingis a very easy form of online trading, with entirely predictable outcomes. With Binary , you know exactly what youstand to gain or lose before purchasing each and every trade. There are never any hidden fees or commission;what you see is precisely what you get. And you can jump in and start trading withas little as $5! So what are you waiting foréLet's get started!

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Binary Options Risk and Reward

welcome to the nadex binary optionsMaster Series risk and reward during this brief tutorial we'll take a look at the riskrewardprofile of binary options as we know binary options have a rangeof zero or the floor to 100 they can never gobelow zero or above 100 there's one dollar per point and 100 points possible giving a total contract value onehundred dollars

for binary option contract it's onehundred dollars total value whether it be a binary option on an equity index commodity contract or a currencycontract all contracts on Nadex are fully collateralized the collateral is always equal to the maximum risk onthe trade so from a risk perspective the buyerscollateral is the difference between the

buy price and 0 the seller's collateral is the difference between the sellprice and one hundred and we'll take a look at how this works in just a moment on the reward the buyer's maximum reward is the differencebetween the buy price and 100 the seller's max reward is justthe inverse it's the difference between the sellprice and 0 so if we take a look at an order

ticket here we'll say the buyer is buying at 27 the graph on the left represents thebuyer the red indicates the risk on the trade and we see that's twentyseven thedifference between where the buy is placed and 0 now in this case in buying we can see righton the order ticket what the maximum profit maximum loss isvery easy to figure out

if we were selling we would see themaximum profit loss represented as seller if we look at the right side cause if this order is filled if there's abuyer at 27 and the orders filled it means thatanother party was selling at 27 by looking at the graph on theright we can see that they have a much morelimited maximum profit potential and a muchgreater risk so let's walk through an example using

the order ticket we had just previouslythe US five hundred greater than 1309 we had our buyer with a buy order at 27 which means that the orders filled itthere was a seller also at 27 so should the buyer onecontract times 27 points at one dollar per point equals twenty seven dollars that's thecollateral they putup the seller on the other side at onecontract at 73 points risk the difference betweenwhere they're selling a twentyseven

How To Manage Your Risk In Binary Options Market

Hello everyone, Beverly here, back again withanother binary option tutorial. In my last tutorial I spoke to you about analyzingthe binary option market and how analyzing the market correctly can benefit your bottom line. So once you've learned how to analyze themarket, the next step would obviously be to trade, but jumping in head first and tradingwill be just like executing trades without knowing how to analyze the market, there isone additional thing you should consider at all times when you trade risk, and morespecifically, how to manage it successfully. Risk management in binary options is verymuch the same as it is in any other industry

or branch of investment keeping a levelhead and not rushing in, no matter how good an opportunity may look.Here's the thing some traders forget If an opportunity looks too good to be true,odds are it is, especially if you haven't traded an asset before or you happen to beusing a new broker. Caution in such situations cannot be overrated,if you haven't traded with a broker before, or are still trying to figure out just howan asset works you could end up making mistakes you'll regret in a hurry.So make sure you keep a level head when trading, I've told you in the past that chasing lossesis bad, but having a level head is also about

weighing your options, and picking the onethat you believe will be worth it most in the long run, I always prefer to think aboutlong term gains, rather than short term ones, and so should you.Thank you for watching again!.

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