Binary Options Trend Trading

60 Seconds Binary Options Trading Strategy with Sample Trades

Hi my name is Marc Ashwin, and I'm a fulltime binary options trader. In this short tutorial I will show you, how you could makemore than $500 an hour, purely by trading binary options. So before I get started Iwant to show you, a few trades that I've placed over my live binary options trading platform,with more than $145,000 in account available balance. So please watch the 60 seconds trade,that I've placed over my Banc De Binary trading platform, and afterwards I will teach youhow you could get similar results, by using my 60 seconds binary options trading strategy. So these were 60 seconds trades, that I'veplaced over my live binary option trading

account. Next I will scroll it a little bitlower, to show you the expired positions. on the expired positions. So you cansee I've placed three GBP, pound dollar trades or individual trades of $100 investments,and they were all winning trades. After that I placed a put EUR sorry. A call EURUSDtrade, and that was a loss but it was a small investment size, that is $5 so it's okay.After that I placed four EURUSD trades, which I've also shown you the complete tutorial, ofthat well for $50 investment size. I set the investment size based on the probability,of the outcome of the trade the GBP dollar, were more probable of the profitable, so that'swhy I placed $100 trade size, whereas the

EURUSD they were less chances, so I placedthe trade size or the investment size of $50. So you can see the trades here. Next I will show you the trading strategy,that I used to place these trades. So you can see the chart here, which I use to performmy analysis. I use Meta Trader 4 platform, in order to perform the analysis to placebinary option trade, and you might also see that one minute timeframe, is selected overEURUSD so that is the timeframe, which you use or which I use for performing my analysis,for 60 seconds binary trades. The strategy is pretty simple. You need to identify anupward or a downward trend. For the downward

trend, in this case you will draw trend lines.I have drawn a couple of trend lines. You will join the upper end of the trend, withupper trend line, and the lower end with the lower trend line. The trading setup is prettysimple. Once the price hits the upper trend line, you will place a put trade and keepon placing the put trade, unless or until it places a lower trend line. While I wastrading the price has increased, reached at this level so I just use this trend line,and what and I've drawn the second trend line, which works perfectly well. The opposite goeson the call trade. When there is an upward trend, you will place a trend line thelower trend lines will join lower points,

and the upper trend lines which I haven'tdrawn, in this case will join the upper points, so I could draw the upper trend line as wellhere. So I think this will be the upper trend line, but previously the and this trade setupis pretty simple. You will place a call trade, whenever theprice hits the lower trend line, as it is expected to move up and the price, is expectedto move upwards at that particular minute. So that is the basic trade setup and if youwant to learn more, about my 60 seconds binary options trading strategy, please visit mywebsite that is binaryoptionsgain . I'll take a few more seconds, to show youthe trades that I've placed. Here you can

see the trades that I've placed. I've placedthe GBP dollar trade, which were two call and one put and they have gained, about $70profit per trade. It takes around like $210, and here I've made around like 61 $40, I believehere 140 and plus 200 $210. And that was all within one hour. In fact I don't place thetrade for individuals or for all of the bars, that I see in my charting software, becauseI was recording the tutorial at the same time, while I was trading so that was a bit difficultfor me, but nonetheless I think you get the basic gist of the strategy, and please visitmy website and like the tutorial, and you please also comment in the comment section, belowif you have any questions and thanks for watching.

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