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Binary options. hello my friends helped my followers inthis final option tutorial I share with you my favorite binaryoptions strategy everything is simple enough the maintask of training on IQ option is to predict where the current separate willbe in one minute it isn't quite simple if you have acertain skills at the end of the tutorial i will tell youa special the deadly secrets of trading binary options with the help of a wish Iearned over eight hundred dollars every single day

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News January 22 2014 IEA increased 2014 Oil demand

I'm Amy Anderson for OptionRally TV.Let's take a look at the global markets and news that all investors and traders shouldbe aware of. The World Bank upgrades growthBank of Japan holds fire IEA increased 2014 Oil demandLet's take a quick look at what is happening in the global markets now.With the Federal Reserve meeting just a week away now, speculators are beginning to bookodds on if the Feds will continue to taper and just how much they will cut back theirmonthly asset purchases. With a disappointing earnings season behind and a week of minimumeconomic news stocks remained mixed. Equities

have closed a lackluster session after a modestupgrade to the International Monetary Fund's economic forecast.The Dow Jones was down 42.96 points, or 0.26 per cent, at 16,415.60 while the broadbasedSP 500 was up closing at 1843.77. The Nasdaq Composite Index ended the day at 4225.76.The most important thing to note was the German ZEW survey, which is a survey of investorsentiment. The current index rose to 41.2 in January, which is well above the averageof 23. The expectations component fell a little to 61.7 from 62, but this is still well abovethe average of 24. This morning Asian shares remain mixed withlittle direction.

The Bank of Japan held rates at the conclusionof their two day meeting today, much as markets expected. Kudora and associates also keptthe assessment of the economy the same. The U.S. dollar rose against the Canadian dollaras a lack of major economic data scheduled for release turns the focus to a potentialfurther reduction in monetary stimulus at the next Federal Reserve meeting. Australia'sconsumer prices for the OctoberDecember quarter came in higher than expected, pushing up theAustralian dollar as the market priced in a slightly lower chance of further easingby the central bank. The consumer price index rose 0.8% last quarter or 2.7% from a yearearlier, the government said Wednesday,

Moving to the commodities market crude oilsettled higher on Tuesday after the International Energy Agency raised its 2014 outlook on oildemand, but prices still finished below $95 a barrel.Gold eased slightly higher in the Asian session, halting its decline a day earlier when theInternational Monetary Fund raised its global growth forecast for the first time in almosttwo years. In electronic trade, gold was up a dollar fifty, to $1243.30 an ounce. Goldon Tuesday gave back a big chunk of the gains that brought it to fiveweek highs. This is Amy Anderson from OptionRally signingoff. Follow me on Facebook and watch for our

new financial terms of the day and our weeklyevents news.

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