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Watch out for this stock market scam Options scams Forex scams Binary options scams Investing

Watch out for this stock market scam! Options scams Forex scams Binary options scams Investing welcome to looking at the markets withDavid Moadel and today we're going to talk about something that well I'm notnecessarily going to call it a scam because that's a really strong word butit's something to really look out for whether you're trading stocks optionsfor X commodities binary options whatever it is you'll see advertisementson the internet all the time and if you do a go google search you'll certainlysee these its automated trading programs or auto traders sometimes they're calledrobot traders auto traders algo traders automated trading systems whatever theywant to call it they have many names for

it and basically the idea is that youjust sit back and let the robot or program do the trading for you you don'teven have to do it and I've seen claims of huge massive profits if you pay for aif you pay for a in auto trading service or program and you have to wonder isthis too good to be true well let's explore it a little bit andI'm going to use some information I found from a few websites that i foundand if you want to visit these websites the web address is right here on theaddress bar and this is of as of Tuesday august $YEAR 16 2016 this is from thefinancial review website and I think

it's a good introduction I'm just goingto read a little bit of it and i wanted to give him credit so it's fromfinancial review online and it says get up turn on the robot go to work comehome turn off the robots collect the moneyit's a traders dream unfortunately the hard reality of thearms race in algorithmic trading means this scenario is slipping further awayfrom the individual traders realm ok and that's a quote and you know whatwhat they're trying to say here is that you know maybe robotic or algorithmictrading might work for hedge funds and

large institutional traders but that'svery different from what they're going to try to sell you the the individualinvestor or retail investor what you're going to get is some program that if itgoes you know if the price of a stock or binary option or our commodity or foryou know currency if it goes above a certainprice it's going to automatically by and if it goes below a certain price it'sautomatically going to sell or whatever and it's yet the promises that it takesthe emotions out of trading and you know it it is something that's automated soyou don't have to watch it all the time

it just does it for you but is it reallyfor retail investors well according to this article fullyautomated trading is the province of the well resourced and fully dedicatedtrader this generally limits to the field of hedge funds and investmentbanks alright the general principle that drives much automated trading isrepeatable behaviors that deliver profits more often than not the problemis that successful strategies are repeated and copied until the Prophetprofile flattens 20 meaning you won't make any money anymore or a negativeexpect expectancy which is a nice way of

saying saying that you're going to startto lose money after a while alright so you don't count on thisworking for you for any length of time and please whatever you do if you feellike you must invest in auto trading software which I do not personallyrecommend but if you feel like you must don't just walk away from it and let itdo its thing and not watch it okay because the last thing you need is forthat your profit profile to flatten to zero or negative or a negativeexpectancy which is a nice way of saying that you're going to start losing moneypretty soon if you don't watch it and

IQ Option review Why IQ Option Is A Scam Broker With IQoption Proof

I decided to make a vieo against a particularly aggressive broker a broker that used to annoy me. It's Iq option! They are very popular in the binary options industry some may have good experience with them, but they have fraudulent practices. Generally if you come upon an aggressive marketing broker this is a scam. Their platform is very good looking, that appeals some ignorant sheep

among beginner traders Why iq option is a nasty scamé There is absolutely nothing in their regulation page. This is insane To be honest I laughed when I saw their regulation page. Many beginner don't even care about regulation, they see some good review made by affiliate marketers then deposit their money.

On the regulation page the broker have to mention financial regulators that approve them. So that the client to official website of these regulators to check by himself here is an example of regulation page of a serious broker you see them mentioning financial regulator that approve them. I am not affiliated, just an example. They are maybe regulated by Cysec

But Cysec is not a serious regulator They use hackers to created fake links on google search results to redirect traffic to iqoption This is a fraudulent practice. Here is an example of fake search result that redirect to iqoption. As you can see my search keyword are not related to them.

I myself signaled that to google one year ago. There are still fake links redirecting to iq option. and it's not only me, other google users have experienced the same problem of fake links redirecting to iq option when they are making search related to trading they have plenty of bad reviews! It's the kind of broker that use all their resources to lock your money after you make a . deposit

They will compel you to take a bonus, ask for unnecessary documents. The deposit process is very easy, the trading is fluid until you request a withdrawal. Normally they should request your documents right after you open an account. But they wait until you request a withdrawal before asking for them to retard the withdrawal

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