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How To Use Support And Resistance Lines When Trading Binary Options

Hi there.I am often asked in the comments how to determine the point of entry into the Martingale strategy.Today I'll show you how to use support and resistance levels in Binary options. We set the chart for 15minute or 5minutetimeframe. We use the Line tool and find the level of resistance by the tops of the candles. We find the level of support by the lowestlevels of the chart in the same way. And now we watch for the chart to reach orbreak through one of the levels – in this case we are betting in the opposite direction.Let's open 4 windows with different positions

– it will be much faster in this way. Wedo the same thing in all the windows. Here we see the first touching of the level,and I bet $10 in the opposite direction. And in the meantime, we watch the other positions.Here we see touching of the support level on eurodollar Position. We bet $10. Great, our first two bets have triggered.Levels must be rearranged from time to time. And we wait for the next touching of the level. And here again we see the resistance levelbroken through, and we bet $10 for a fall. You should wait until either a touching ora breakthrough. We see that our bet does not

win, so I prepare $30 in advance and againbet for a fall using a Martingale strategy. I hope you know the table of bets; if youdon't, I will write in the description below the tutorial. Here we see the breakthrough and bet $10.And according to the Martingale strategy, we bet $180 as our bid didn't trigger.Now euro dollar lost and we bet 30 for a rise. Pound dollar – bet 30 for a fall.Now, bet 180 on the euro dollar. And now all of our three bets have won, weare just waiting for eurodollar. We are waiting for our bet of $180 to triggerWell, we lose the 180 bet, and then we bet

440, and I think that this bet will triggerfor sure. Now we see that the chart is back and we'llwin our bets. Here you can see my bets for the entire period.If you liked the tutorial, put likes, share with friends, subscribe to my RSS feed.

Hedge funds intro Finance Capital Markets Khan Academy

In this tutorial I want tosee if we can understand the idea of a hedge funda little bit better. And these tend to bepretty mysterious, and sometimes get a bad namebecause some hedge funds do do some fairly strangethings and secretive things in the market. So people are, rightfully so,suspicious of many of them.

But the real difference betweena hedge fund and the types of mutual funds thatwe just talked about are that they're notregulated by the SEC. And because theyare not regulated they can't market themselves. That's why when youwatch financial shows, or you get a magazine,a finance magazine

you will not seeads for hedge funds. The mutual funds areall over the place, marketing them left and right. Hedge funds the largesthedge funds in the world are definitely noteven household names. Very few people even knowwhat those largest hedge funds in the world are. And that's because theycan't market themselves.

No matter how goodof a track record, or really howreasonable of a fund they might be some mightnot be reasonable, some are they can't market themselves. And they also can't takemoney from the public. So in general, in orderto invest in a hedge fund, you have to be anaccredited investor, which

means you have acertain net worth, or maybe you havea certain income, or maybe by virtueof your education you can prove that you have acertain level of sophistication to invest in these thingsthat aren't regulated. You, I guess, don't needthe SEC to watch your back. So the regulationis a key difference. Marketing, no moneyfrom the public.

And then the otherkey difference is how the managerstend to be incented. I know incented is nota word, or motivated. In the mutual fundworld, managers get a percent of assets. So for mutual fundmanager, larger is better. The more undermanagement the more money the mutual fundmanager's going to make.

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