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What are the top 10 most popular commodities to trade online Ahead of the Week 11th April 2016

Hi traders, I'm Christina Nicolaides, coveringthe world's major trading events with Banc De Binary's Ahead of the Week Report. Let's review the main asset trends fromlast week. The EURO was UP with a small comeback versusits rivals on betterthanexpected purchasing managers index results. The USD fell DOWN on more dovish signals fromthe latest FOMC Minutes, indicating that a rate hike in April is unlikely. The GBP was pushed further DOWN by Brexitconcerns. Gold was DOWN as safehaven buying

subsided. Oil was slightly UP as the US reported a fallin stocks. The trading event of the week is on Wednesdaywith the release of US Retail Sales for March, and an expected impact on the USD. There is big news for the CNY on Monday the11th with the release of China's Producer Price Index for March at 01:30. Previously at the bearish level of minus 4.9percent, the expectations are that the new results will be minus 4.6 percent.

Tuesday the 12th brings trading opportunitieson the GBP with the release of the UK's Consumer Price Index for March at 08:30. Last seen at the level of 0.3 percent on anannual basis, the Pound Sterling could be moved UP or DOWN by the latest results. It's the trading event of the week on Wednesdaythe 13th, when the US releases national Retail Sales results for March at 12:30. At minus 0.1 percent previously, the latestresults of this influential indicator may move the USD, depending on whether they arebetter or worse than expected.

On Thursday the 14th of April, it's anotherbig day for the GBP with the Bank of England's Interest Rate Decision at 11:00. The key interest rate is 0.5 percent and hasbeen held at the same historic low level since 2009. The BoE's monthly decisions are a marketmovingevent, so they are always on our watch list. Finally for this trading week, China releasesits firstquarter GDP results at 02:00, previously at the level of 6.8 percent on an annual basis. This event is highly anticipated as it givesnew information on the global slowdown and

China's prospects for 2016. It's alsolikely to have an impact on the CNY. Now onto our Trading Tip based on your frequentlyaskedquestions. What are the top 10 most popular commoditiesto trade onlineƩ The number one commodity is Crude Oil. Online traders invest in commodities throughderivatives contracts like binary options, so what they're really trading is the price,not the actual commodity itself. Price movements depend on market events andtrading momentum. The most popular commodities to trade onlineare Crude Oil, followed by Coffee, Natural

Gas, Gold, Silver, Sugar, Corn, Wheat andCotton. Remember to follow us on Facebook for dailyupdates and expert articles about the international markets. Follow us on Twitter by searching for TraderTip,and check our Economic Calendar for more events. Thanks for watching, see you next week.

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