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Trading Blox Stock Trading Software Demo Multi Parameter Stepping and Analysis

One really powerful aspect ofSystem Pack and Trading Blox in general is the abilityto step parameters and to look at what happenswhen you vary parameters. Again, as I saidearlier, we encourage people to trade the systempack at a choice of parameters that makes them comfortable. You don't have totrade with ones

that came straightout of the box. And because it's a robusttype set of systems, you should be able to trade itat multiple parameter settings and still make money, still havenice INAUDIBLE performance. So let's look at that. How do we test thaté It's as simple aschecking this Step button. In this case, I'm going tostep the bars in the fast EMA

and I'm going to stepthe bars in the slow EMA. And I'm going to dothat simultaneously. So let's say we stepthis from 5 to 25 by 5s. So that's five parametertests to test the values at 5, 10 15, 20, and 25. That's going togive us five tests. And then let's say this westep this from 100 to 160. And we do that by 10s.

Well that's 7 more tests, righté So it's 100, 110,20, 30, 40, 50, 60. That's 7 tests. In total, this is goingto run 35 parameter tests. And it's going to run eachparameter in combination with each other parameter. And this is what pops out. You'd have, again,summaries up at the top

of each individual test. Then we have somegraphs that can give us very useful information. In this case, what thisparticular graph is telling us, we've got thisbig, broad plateau of really toptier performance,a mar of 1 and 14, which is about as good asthey get with this strategy. And then we have,down here, these sets

of parameters thatreturn down at .65. It certainly didn't lose money. They were stillactually pretty good. But the sharp ratios were abouthalf what the best ones were. And this type of plotallows us to see that. So let's interpret this. What's going oné We stepped our bars in thefast EMA against our bars

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