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Binary Options Why You Will Lose

hey there this is alm from price action post in this tutorial Iexplain why people lose money with binary option here are the reasons why . reason no 1they don't respect the market number two they have no plan and no vision. No 3: they have ahuge disadvantage from the beginning these reasons also apply to Forex ortrading in general. Why traders loseƩ they do not respect the market let's face it ninety percent of retailtraders lose money in the financial market but do ninety percent of them respectthe market. In fact it's very difficult to

difficult for an individual to respectthe market because there is no predefined rule to follow as in school or inyour day job where you have to work following a certain path. if you decide totrade by yourself,you have to set your own rules. we are good in setting rules for otherpeople, our employees, our children's but when it come to discipline ourselves, we usuallyfail. When there is no authority and no investigation is very difficult for theaverage person to stay disciplined. Another reason why traders lose moneyis and they have no plan and no vision they see an advertisement online

open an account fund it and start gamblingwithout knowing what they are doing majority of traders are actually placingtrade without knowing what the market is about. they ignore volatility they ignore supply and demand. they cannot tell you what move price they ignore the basics even those with a solidplan are struggling the market how can he who don't have a plan make money over them. Binary optionsare simple but difficult. Thosewho tell you it's easy are scammers. you need a solid plan to make profit in the long run the plan includes your strategy, a moneymanagement but also drawdown management

a drawdown is when you endure a series of losing trades even though you are respecting your trading rules. Third reason whytraders lose is that they start with a significant disadvantage. there are many adspromising huge returns in no time. Scam promoters are every where. even Google advertise scam software now. and manybroken endorse autotraders. scam promoters tell people binaries are easyto make money. Scam brokers like iq option encourage newbies to use martingale. so that they will lose quicker.

Also there is the fact that with binaries you need a high winning ratio, at least 60% in spot forex you can be profitable with barely 50%. I want people to be aware that the scam is everywhere, he whotell you binary options are easy is a scammer trying maybe to sell you his peace of shit. I creaated a group, I expose more scam there. In my group I don't treat members like morons, like scammers do. I also give free signals during the late US session. if you want to join link in descriptionLike this tutorials and share it.

5 Tips For Findind The Best Binary Trading Signals

Hi everyone its Aaron here and i'm continuing mytutorial blogs about binary option trading. today I want to talk about one of themost important tools a binary option trader can have trading signals. signals are trade alertsthat your broker sends they often alert you to an upcoming opportunityor changing market conditions. signals are often sent via SMS email and push notifications. here are my top 5 tips for finding the best signals: free testing: if you can find a tradingsignals provider that

offers a free or cheap testing period gofor it! this will give you the chance to see just how good and useful the signalsare without being too invested. timing: timing is everything and binaryoptions a signal that's too late is useless toyou. this is quite common when you select email notifications. always try for the quickest andloudest delivery options it's quite difficult to miss an SMS or pushnotification on your smartphone.

live account: a good broker should puttheir money where their mouth is some of them do this by trading on theirown signals be via live accounts for all traders to see this is very useful to you you canverify that the broker is doing not just saying. cost: always look the broker offeringsignals as account benefits not at high additional cost. guaranteed profitability: there really isno such thing

anyone saying they the offer that isprobably lying however good signals do increase your odds whichis never bad. thanks for watching this tutorial I hopeyou learned something from it. please subscribe my channel to learn even more about binary options!.

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