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Tradeworks How to connect your MT4 trading account to Tradeworks

Welcome to Tradeworks. In this tutorial wewill show you how you easily connect your MT4 account to your Tradeworks account. Tradeworks runs as an addon to the mt4 platform and thereforeyou need to connect your MT4 account your Tradeworks account priorto starting trading. To connect your MT4 account go to quot;My Accountquot; andchoose quot;Trading Accountsquot; from the menu. This takes you to the trading accountspage where you manage your existing MT4 accounts connected to Tradeworks and add new ones. You now have two options. If you don't already have anMT4 account or if you prefer not

to use your usual MT4 account youcan generate a new demo MT4 account with just a click of a button. Accept the terms and conditions andclick the blue quot;Add MT4 trading accountquot; button. Tradeworks will instantly open up a brand new demo MT4 account for you, which will automatically be connected with your Tradeworks account. If you wish to connect one of your existing MT4 accounts find the broker and server namefrom the drop downs and enter your account details. Give it a name so thatyou can recognize it in case you add

more accounts later. Accept the terms and conditions and hit the Save button. Tradeworks will now verify your accountdetails with your broker and connect the two. Once the broker verifies the account,the list will update accordingly. In the table above you will see the user name of the account and that the broker has now verified the account and confirmedwhether it is a demo or live account. In this example it is a demo account. If you had a real money trading account it will say LIVE instead of DEMO. As this is thefirst trading account on the list it will automatically be turned on for you.This means it is ready to trade on.

In the event you cannot find yourbroker or server on the list, we can easily add it for you. Just click the link, state the name ofyour broker or server, and we all get you up and running in no time. So, go ahead, connect your trading account, head for your list of strategies andturn on your first trading strategy!.

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