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Exponential Moving Average Cross Strategy Walk Through

Hi, my name's Jared Broad, and in this screencast,we're going to be going over the iconic moving average cross trading strategy. This strategyhas been around for awhile, and people seem to keep coming back to it. First we're going to cover the theory of themoving average cross, and then some of the common pitfalls in its implementation. Thenwe're going to code up the strategy from scratch using the basic template, and perform a sanitycheck on our results. Once we've got a working algorithm, we're going to tweak it a littlebit to try and optimize the output. So let's dig into it.

Firstly, what is the moving average crossstrategyé Put simply, it's just a trending indicator, and it's one of the most simpletrending indicators possible. First, you have a moving average of the prices over time,and a second, faster moving average, which uses list data samples. When one moving averagecrosses over the other one, it's a signal to buy or sell stock. Using this indicator,people have tried to predict the trends for a long time.Next we're going to talk aboutsome common pitfalls on how you implement the strategy. Firstly, when you're using numerical indicators,you need to debounce the signal to ensure

you're not getting many more orders than youactually have signals. As a human, we tend to automatically average and approximate,where a computer, bound by exact precision, can sometimes see the thousand orders whenyou had expected to only see one. Here we have the 10year view of the SP500,where if you zoom in, you can see locations where you wouldn't want the algorithm to tradebecause the signal wasn't sufficiently strong enough. Secondly, because your algorithm isrunning on a loop, it's easy to fire the same order over and over again by mistake. Youneed to make sure you only have one shot or one trigger per signal.

So for example, the code below would be somethingyou might write on the first attempt of an algorithm. If the emaShort is greater thanthe emaLong, then we'll just buy some stock. However, as the algorithm is running on aloop, this would mean that your algorithm would buy stock over and over and over againuntil you ran out of money. The better way to do this is to simply keeptrack of when your signal is triggered. You can do this using a Boolean and checking forit before you place your order. The last and most common mistake is overfitting.With a strategy like EMA, it's tempting to adjust the short and long moving average parametersuntil it optimizes the return. Adjusting these

values without any foundation in reality orsome fundamental principle to set the values is essentially fitting your algorithm to thepast performance. You'll soon find as you go to trade your algorithm live that the pastperformance does not reflect the future, as the markets will be continually changing. Now we're going to jump into coding the strategyfrom scratch. We're going to start from a basic template so you'll learn the most possible. First you clone the basic template by clickingon the quot;Start algorithm.quot; Now we have the basic template, and I can just use Controland the arrow key to make the font larger

so you guys can see it, and we can start simplyby renaming the algorithm. quot;Moving average demo,quot; so that it's a comparable strategyto the other ones that we see regularly. Let's trade it on the SP500. Now let's configure the initialize functionto set up a testing environment while we develop the algorithm. We ideally don't want to testover a really long period; otherwise, every test that we do to see if there's any bugswill take a very long time to get back. This just tests it over a few months, maybe fromJanuary 1 to March 1. And we'll test it with $30,000 cash, we'll test it with minute resolutiondata, and we'll run it in Series mode.

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