How To Trade The News With Binary Options

Binary Options Trading and Hedging

hi and welcome to the binary optionstrading tutorial this is Steve Wise and today we're going to talkabout the binary options hedge with a call and a put position and i just like to remind you that this tutorial and audio content and theslides therein are the property of binaryoptionbroker

and we're distributing this on so follow the guidelines on to usethis tutorial if you want redistributed and just bear in mind the rules andregulations with regarded to using it. all right so with that out of the way let's get started so let's take a look at a couple slidesi've made this first slide is

your basic naked binary option trade and what we've done here is we've takena binary option call on google we'vetaken a two hundred dollar position with a strike price at five seventy seven fifty per share that's what it was at the time i madethis slide in and made this discussion all the numbers all the details of thistrade that we talk about are covered on the website binaryoptionbroker

and you'll find all the information inall the all the percentages and what have you uh. there so if you have any questions about what thenumbers are and what they are meeting where they all came from that's all is going on the website but what i want to talk about in this tutorialis that this kind of position taking a nakedcall

binary option is very risky in it's not the kind of investment that isee as uh. a favorable one for you theinvestor and the reason why i say that is because there's so much downside risk and noprotection if things go awry and that's not the kind of trade iadvocate what i prefer to do

is i'd prefer to pair my binary option with another option either another security another optionanother binary option the underlying security itself maybe i already only underlying securityand i'm trying to make up some profit on that uh. taking advantage of market movementdownside upside what have you

Binary options 60 seconds strategy news trading

New york session feb 03 2016volatility trading . Waiting for the US ADP to be released bull surge!call taken for 60 secondsin the money breakout pullback recall 60 seconds expiryeasy quick session I am done for the day.

how to trade forex news Binary option 210116

Us session News tradingThe EU minimum bit rate just dropped bring some juicebut no clear direction yet I am looking for put nowput 5 minutes expiry , pullback to the blue boxIn the money I feared a breakout failure here, not takenDraghi press conference an the US claims shocked the pricestill looking for puts put only 60secdue to monster volatilityIn the money support broken and pullback to it,60 seconds options taken but it' s very low

I took it latelyout of the money for sure Second chance here put 2 minute expiryIn the money, 2 minutes expiry was a little too long3 ITM and 1 ITM My own records shows that it's very difficultto maintain a difference between ITM and OTM greater than 3The drop ended ,no more juice.

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