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How To Use Support And Resistance Lines When Trading Binary Options

Hi there.I am often asked in the comments how to determine the point of entry into the Martingale strategy.Today I'll show you how to use support and resistance levels in Binary options. We set the chart for 15minute or 5minutetimeframe. We use the Line tool and find the level of resistance by the tops of the candles. We find the level of support by the lowestlevels of the chart in the same way. And now we watch for the chart to reach orbreak through one of the levels – in this case we are betting in the opposite direction.Let's open 4 windows with different positions

– it will be much faster in this way. Wedo the same thing in all the windows. Here we see the first touching of the level,and I bet $10 in the opposite direction. And in the meantime, we watch the other positions.Here we see touching of the support level on eurodollar Position. We bet $10. Great, our first two bets have triggered.Levels must be rearranged from time to time. And we wait for the next touching of the level. And here again we see the resistance levelbroken through, and we bet $10 for a fall. You should wait until either a touching ora breakthrough. We see that our bet does not

win, so I prepare $30 in advance and againbet for a fall using a Martingale strategy. I hope you know the table of bets; if youdon't, I will write in the description below the tutorial. Here we see the breakthrough and bet $10.And according to the Martingale strategy, we bet $180 as our bid didn't trigger.Now euro dollar lost and we bet 30 for a rise. Pound dollar – bet 30 for a fall.Now, bet 180 on the euro dollar. And now all of our three bets have won, weare just waiting for eurodollar. We are waiting for our bet of $180 to triggerWell, we lose the 180 bet, and then we bet

440, and I think that this bet will triggerfor sure. Now we see that the chart is back and we'llwin our bets. Here you can see my bets for the entire period.If you liked the tutorial, put likes, share with friends, subscribe to my RSS feed.

laporan 15 menit

If we take a good look nowadays,when rain falls in headwaters or downstream flood instantly happens and the water quality is very dirty,and after a few hours, less than 2 hours it came down again It means, that there are no more blockageto hold the flow to Medan. As we know that the target of the Millennium Development Goals,which involve water, that in the year 2015, half the population of Indonesia who have not had clean water,have been fulfilled. And we know that the targetof the Indonesian government in 2015, it was 68,87%. And now that has been underservedby the water through the piping system, or network systems, it has approximately 47%.

The permanent water sourcesfor the water company consists of river water, water spring and also drilled wells. From these sources our study impliesthat one of the water source in Medan, which is in Sibolangit,produce more or less about 15% of water supplied to Medan During the dry season, in data,we found a significant decrease During the long dry seasonit could reach more or less about 2030% This attract IUWASH attention,how to help in terms of water continuity, especially for customers in Medanwith their water problems

That is why IUWASH partnerswith The CocaCola Company to get the funding. This water replenish program of ours,is an environmental program, targeting a water reabsorption to nature. In accordance with the target of our company,CocaCola Company that is to become water neutral in the year of 2020.Water neutral means that our company, CocaCola wants to return the amount of waterwe have used for our production to nature And for Indonesia,this program is our prime program Thanks to God we met and partneredwith USAid in Sibolangit.

We need 2,000 literssecond until 2015,in the year 2020 we will need 5,000 literssecond. It means we need permanent water sourceup to 5,500 literssecond. So our approach is building biopore wells.The amount of biopore wells to be build is 800 wells. and we hope it will bring benefits in terms of water absorptioninto the ground, which is 600 million litersyear. Water is human main need, with no substitution.Needed by the richest or poorest to be able to live. But we have often less considerate about that problem. Because of disturbance in this cycle for example land management or changes in land functionfor biopores into other purposes,

causing the rainfalls whichat first falls in reservoir area, now is unable to be absorbed into the ground.In that case, to minimize the decrease of that absorption, biopore wells are made,you can see the examples here in front of me. Why biopore wellsé Or how is the dimension,and mechanismé Here for example, when rain falls on the groundand unable to be absorbed, became a runoff water, if it is not stored into biopore well,it could cause flood and ground surface erosion, and etc But, by making a biopore wells such as thesewith 2 meters cubic dimension, it means we have a volume of 8 cubics of waterstored in this biopore well, or known as inlet.

In that inlet, water will stay, and after time water will be absorbedinto the ground entirely. So then all the water in these biopore wellsin function will change into ground water. This means, significantly, from the amount of water volumeand the numbers of existing biopore wells which is planned to reachthe number of 800 wells in Sibolangit, we can calculate how many millions liter of waterable to be absorbed into the ground in this area. The mechanism of biopore well started from diggingsof well in 2 meters in width, length, and depth without wall cementation to ensure absorption,

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