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Hello I am Alex Katsaros, the product managerof cMirror. In today's episode we're going to talk about mirror trading and I am goingto introduce you to our newest product. We're going to take a look into cTrader ID and we'regoing to find out how easy it is to discover signal providers and strategies. So, let'sget started. Let me briefly explain what mirror trading is. Mirror trading is finding othersuccessful traders and copying their trades, stop losses and take profits exactly whenthey enter the market. This way you can make the same return of investment (ROI) that they'remaking without actually trading yourself. Let's talk about cTrader ID. It is your personalID for all Spotware products and it's stores

your trading accounts for all brokers, sothat you do not have to remember any accounts or passwords. Please note that in order tolog in to cMirror you need a cTrader ID. For this demonstration I am going to use SpotwarecMirror and Spotware cTrader. So let's go to cMirror. We already launched cMirror, youcan do that by going to the Spotware page which is spotware and clicking oncMirror, or if you type cm.spotware . You can watch the introductory tutorial that is goingto come up, or you can just close it. You can already see the list of avaialble strategiesin your screen even tho you're not logged in to a cTrader ID. I am going to show youhow you can create a new account to mirror

a strategy. So let's click quot;Sign Upquot; to createa cTrader ID. After you click quot;Sign Upquot; here the Spotware Connect window is going to comeup. You can enter your email address and click quot;Get cTrader IDquot; in order to create a cTraderID, or you can just log in with one click using your facebook or google account. Solet's enter our email where it says quot;Get your cTrader IDquot;, and after you enter your emailand click quot;Get your cTrader IDquot;, you're going to see the email that asks you to confirmyour email address in order to complete the cTrader ID registration. The confirmationlink has been sent to the email address that we have here spotwarel2trader@gmail . Sogo to your inbox, find the confirmation link,

copy the confirmation code, go back to Spotwareconnect, and enter the confirmation code and press quot;confirmquot;. We have created a cTraderID, but it doesn't have any accounts in order to mirror strategies. So all you have to dois press the quot;+quot; button, and you can choose to create a new Live account or demo account.For the live account we have a selection of brokers here that they definitely are integratedwith cMirror, if your broker is not integrated with cMirror just let them know, or you cancreate a demo account. If you want to make money and mirror live strategies you haveto create a live account. For now let's just create a demo account. Now that we have createdour demo account, let's find a strategy to

mirror. Demo accounts can only mirror demostrategies, so let's select quot;Demoquot; from this list, find a strategy that you want and clickquot;Start Mirroringquot;. You select the account that you want to use, we only have one account,then select your quot;volume percentagequot;, the quot;volume percentagequot; what it does, it tellsyou how much percentage of the strategy's volume you want to mirror. If I select 50%I will mirror half the volume that the strategy is generating. Then you click quot;Start Mirroringquot;and as you can see now I am mirroring this strategy. Now let me demonstrate the process,what you have to do, if you already have cTrader, and you have a trading account, and you wantto go and mirror a strategy in cMirror. For

this we're going to use cTrader web. So let'sgo to cTrader web. In this scenario, we're a standard cTrader user, we've already loggedin to our cTrader account, and we may have, or may not have a cTrader ID. In order tomirror strategies in cMirror, we can create a cTrader ID exactly as I've shown you before,click on sign up, go to connect page and create a cTrader ID. After you create your cTraderID if you already have one, you have to log in to that ctrader ID. If you click quot;Log Inquot;it requires that you enter your email or password. You can always log in with Facebook or Google,but we're not going to show that. If you don't know your password go to your Gmail and youwill see that we've already sent you your

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