Tips Tricks and Ideas with Platforms in Super Mario Maker

Hello you lovely mario maker person, my name is ceave and welcome back.Today we are going to talk about platforms.Platforms have some really unique features.Not only can they carry obstacles but blue platforms are the only mario maker element which only starts to move once mario touches it.So you're ready let's do this! our first idea features a really cool way to transport bullet blaster bills.These blasters stand on top of platforms which are on tracks.Our plumber slowly cycles towards the exit door, but he has to be careful as bowser left a winged chain chomp there.But with a little.

Bit of platforming mario is able to leave this room in one piece.Our next idea makes use of blue platforms.As soon as mario touches a blue platform it starts to drop.Here our plumber drops down through a small saw blade corridor.He has to be really careful not to touch anything bad! while the first challenge is built around going down for the second one he has to go up again.If you put a blue platform on top of an opened track piece it will drop down way faster than normal, making the third challenge.

The hardest one.Blue platforms are really cool course elements on it's own.Here mario has to jump fast from platform to platform.If he fails this challenge he has to use a reset door, and he has to try it again.But not only the blue platform versions can be used to create tricky platform challenges.If you put normal platforms on tracks you can create really interesting obstacles as well.Here for example we mix platforms sawblades and tracks to create a dangerous stage! mario has to time his jumps carefully as failing a jump has lethal consequences.But our plumber.

Seems to find this challenges rather relaxing! well that's good because once he enters the next door bad things happen.Hooray we shot mario into space! our plumber has to jump betweens these small platform made spaceships while he avoids getting crushed by a metroid or a planet.He's on his way to bowser's space base.A dangerous place bowser built in order to kidnap peach once again.And while the story of bowser's space base needs to be told this is not the time nor the place for it.So let's go backwards in time, and back to platforms.

For this idea we use several small platform tricks.Mario needs to find a pswitch in order to open this door.His best chance of finding one is climbing the small platform parcour to the right.While our plumber slowly climbs upwards the piranhaplant on the left does the same and he has to avoid the deadly fireballs.Once he made his way up he can drop this blue platform down and force the pswitch to fall, directly on top of the door.And now from our ongoing series, what is the most complicated way to trigger a pswitch.

I proudly present to you, the platform solution.Let's quickly talk about some smaller platform tricks.Here we use a blue platform to create a muncher door which only opens once mario triggeres the platform.Here we have a small platform parcour where our plumber has to time his jumps carefully if he wants to avoid ouch because of spikes.Here link tries to swim towards the exit pipe but the platforms try to carry him away.Whenever a platform takes him behind a one way door he has to retry the whole challenge.

And here we use a platform to position a bullet blaster bill.Once the blaster is set up it will ignite this bob omb, and open marios path.Platforms can be used to create pswitch timers as well.This setup will trigger this pswitch after about eleven seconds.We use this setup in order to create a small mini game here.The platforms try to push our poor plumber into spikes and while mario would love to leave this place as soon as possible he has to wait for the timer at the top to expire first.

Next we have some really cool platform tricks from a stage by a maker called leogamerxd.Some of you might remember this stage as it is part of the speedrun challenge.The stage features dangerous platform acrobatics over lava, climbing to the top on vertical platforms, dodging horrific muncher platforms, tight platform manipulation jumps over small gaps, platforms which can only be entered and left from one direction and many many more cool tricks! i highly recommend you to check this stage out, it's a really fantastic one! and now it's time to announce the winner of the mushroom championship.It's been.

A really tight race and thwomps and monty moles were almost equal until the last second of the election.The winner of 2016 mushroom championship is well it's complicated.I've been checking the results daily over the last two weeks and almost evry day another one was leading.At the moment while i record this monty moles are a single vote ahead of thwomps but yesterday thwomps were ahead by two votes.I tried to look up what to do in such a tight situation in the official tournament rules only to find out that there is no such.

Thing as official tournament rules.So for the moment we need to call it a draw between the monty moles and the thwomps, and we will have to decide this question at some point in the future.So let's go back to platforms! here we have a small minigame challenge for mario.There are four red coins hidden in this room, if our plumber wants to collect all of them he needs to make his way through the small spaces between the platforms.While this sounds like a rather easy task at first it turns out to be a really tough challenge as magikoopas.

Are shooting magic bullets at him! but mario manages to survive even this threat, he seems to get used to situations like this.For this idea mario has to take a ride on a platform rollercoaster.There are suicidal buzzy beetles which try to hurt our plumber while he enjoys his ride.But that's not the only problem, at some parts of the stage he has to leave the platform because he will be forced to fall down otherwise.But while he isn't on the platform he is forced to move fast as the rollercoaster does not wait for our plumber.

Before we move to my favorite idea i need to ask you for help! there is one mario maker enemy which i wanted to cover in a tips tricks and ideas tutorial for a long time now, but whenever i sat down and tried to come up with cool ideas for this enemy i had troubles.So i decided to ask you for help.The enemy i'm talking about are bloopers, so if you know any cool tricks with bloopers or have a really creative level featuring them please leave me a comment, i hope that we are able to make bloopers great again in a group effort.

And now let's take a look on my favorite idea.This idea is probably not only my favorite idea with platforms, but one of my favorite mario maker ideas ever.I like to call it the magical mirror room, and this idea isn't mine.A great japanese maker came up with this idea and he created an awesome stage around it, so if you want to see what you can do with the magical mirror room you should check out his stage.And now watch carefully what happens here! the bottom and the top of the room are magically.

Tied together.If the platform leaves the bottom it appears at the top and vice versa.The same is true for the beetles and the vine.If you want to create such an illusion you need to force mario to stay exactly in the middle of the room and you need to place exactly the same obstacles below him as on the top.If you further want to investigate how this works just check the level id out! i hope you enjoyed the tutorial! if you enjoyed the tutorial leave me a thumbs up and maybe you.

Website Platforms What Is Best Why Does It Matter

Hi, i'm mark steinbrueck with ourchurch.Com, and on this tutorial i'm gonna talk about website platforms and address the question, what is the best platform and why does it matter so the first thing that you need to do is determine what your needs are for your website.By doing that, it will help you understand what you need out of a website platform.So if you say to yourself, i need to be able to have online event registration, or i need to be able to have a blog or an enewsletter.

Or shopping cart, that will help you in your research of website platforms in determining whether or not those website platforms will be able to provide that functionality.Second thing to take into consideration is whether the software is online or it's a desktop software.Online software simply means that you don't store the software on your computer, but you login to a website using username and password to be able to access the backend of your website and make changes.Desktop software, on the other hand, is stored on your computer.So that means that you have to have that software and that particular.

Computer to be able to make updates.This also means that if you have a web team, of multiple people, every single one of those individuals needs to have that software on their computer that they are going to be using.So it limits you in exactly where you can access it from, you probably can't do changes from a smart phone or tablet.And it also it makes it more difficult to add people to maintain the website.And then lastly, if you want to have additional work done by people that are not part of your organization, whether.

It be tech support or having someone do seo for your website, going with a desktop platform, makes it nearly impossible to do that, so you certainly want to select an online platform if all possible.Next thing to take a look at is whether or not the software is proprietary.Certainly you want to use an online software platform, and if all possible, try to find one that's not proprietary.The proprietary simply means that, the organization that hosts the site, also owns that software so you can't take the website with you when you want to leave.Now if you're not planning on keeping your.

Website for a long period of time, or if simply the cost of a particular hosting package and the software that it comes with it is proprietary, fits your budget, then maybe going with a proprietary software is something that is reasonable and will fit your needs.But if you can, try to find some kind of software that you can take, that means that you can take your website with you, if you were to choose to leave and go to a another host.The next thing to take into consideration is the ease of use.Research how easy a particular.

Software platform is to use.Go online and see if there's any online reviews.Talk to other people who may have used this, and these conversations and advice, can save you a lot of time in using a sub part platform.In the same sense, research the support of the platform.Can you even get support and if so, do you have to pay for it is it free or is it a pay per incident or pay per month or what kind of fee structure is there how quickly can you get responses when you are looking for support and then also, how do.

They provide support is there phone support is it email support is it only through the help desk take a look at those things so you know what to expect if you select a particular platform.So i hope that this has given you a good understanding of what things to take into consideration when selecting or researching a website platform.First, determine your needs for a website.Then look at the online software versus desktop software.And if all possible select an online software.Also understand the drawbacks and limitations of proprietary software.Research.

Which Is The Best Binary Option Trading Platform

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