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Review of ExpertOption Binary options signals Expert Option

Hello everybody! I would like to introduce you to another interestingbinary broker ExpertOption today! So, why ExpertOptioné Firstly, ExpertOption is very similar to theIQ Option – these binary brokers are built on the same platform, so they have similarinterfaces. Secondly, ExpertOption works with cryptocurrenciessuch as Litecoin and Bitcoin. IQ Option also works with Bitcoin, but ExpertOptions offer higher percentage for these currency pairs.

Why is it called ExpertOptioné Because there is an expert opinion, you canmonitor in realtime where the best traders make bets – it is implemented in IQ Option,but it can be seen more clearly in ExpertOption. Besides, the binary options broker ExpertOptionprovides signals that are available with the majority of brokers only for an additionalfee. I have already tried to trade on these signals,and it turns out very well. I use signals on crypto currencies like LiteCoin,because they are the most volatile and have the largest percentage of win.

So, let's move to Litecoin, we now have asmall signal about the downtrend. Choose the best entry point and make our bet. Now we will check how these signals are valid. ExpertOption offers very good bonus for firstdeposit, and if you want to use it, you may click on the link in the description. I have been testing these signals for a coupleof weeks, and they have a very good winning percentage. Here we received a profit of 960 euros.

There are no signals on Litecoin, I suggestyou to wait for stronger signals with 3 arrows. Now the signal renewed, and we are lookingfor the best entry point and bet for a rise. Here it is clearly seen how sharp the fluctuationsare in this cryptocurrency. This is a good help for us. I suggest you vote by likes. If you like ExpertOption – put like, ifyou like IQ Option – put dislike. We have won; the signals worked out very confidently,it is very comfortable to trade cryptocurrencies; they are traded even on weekends.

I advise everyone to sign up – even if youdo not want to trade on ExpertOption, you can take advantage of their free signals. Subscribe to the channel, ask questions inthe comments, bye.

Banc De Binary Trading Tutorial 2016

Hello, guys, this is a short tutorial on how the Banc de Binary trading platform works. You'll see that it's quite intuitive and easy to navigate. It might look startling at first, but by the end of the tutorial, you will be able to trade in your sleep through Banc de Binary. At the top you have the options types you can choose from – regular binary options, pairs, long term options and 60 seconds. Don't worry, we'll take a look at all of them. When you choose the option type you prefer, you then have to decide what type of asset you want to trade. Banc de Binary offers more than 180+ in four main categories – currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. You can also choose the most traded assets.

To place a trade, you have to make just a few clicks. You decide on the type, set the expiration time you desire and determine on an investment amount. The minimum trade size is $1 for all types of binary options except for the quickest – 60 seconds. And then you buy a Call or a Put option. If you want to trade pairs, you make the exact same steps, but in this case you have to answer a simple question – Which will perform betteré The special thing about the long term options is that their expiry time is quite longer and you can set it a whole week ahead. If you are a patient trader, of course. Otherwise, you repeat the same steps. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will show you how a 60seconds trade is executed. Here you can choose an expiry time of 30 seconds to 300 seconds.

Choose an asset, set the time and the investment amount (in this case it is predetermined) and buy a Call or a Put option. Let's just find an asset we want to trade. You can change the default view of the movements at any moment. You can see how the asset behaved in the last 30 minutes or how it moved in the past 12 hours. I prefer to see the changes in the last one hour. Now that we chose an asset, we set the amount we want to invest. My guess is that the rate at expiry will be higher than the strike price. That's why I chose the Call Option.

We approve the trade and if we want to we can scroll to our open positions to see how is our trade going to end. If the position ribbon is red, that means that our prediction is currently incorrect. If it is green, the odds are in our favor. It does not actually go very well, almost as if my guess was wrong. But at the last second the current rate gets higher than the strike rate. And guess whaté WE WON! Congratulations. The potential payout of $32 has been achieved.

We can move on to other trades. Thank you for watching. I hope that this tutorial tutorial has been of help. Stay tuned for more demonstrations.

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