Kabali review by prashanth

Anewtech.In for it job seekers , this is not just a training but an experience more than giving an experience ,they also make sure you get into proper jobs.Its run by genuine people.Please do try it without any inhibition and i m sure something good is to happen soon kabali the much awaited movie by everyone the movie which was welcomed by the whole audience amidst every struggle to just watch it.The movie's first positive is rajini the great man be it any shot ,he has put his everything into this movie at this age.

That hardwork was very well seen.Hats off.I sincerely pray that you get rewarded for your hardwork the other positive is radhika apte .She has enhanced rajni sir s character throughout the movie proper emotions have a big effect.The scene in which she cries creates a big depth and silence in the theatre.That was a great positive.Dhanshika has nailed it.The character has been wonderfully portrayed.That was such a good role and kudos to the director on the sketching of it.Dinesh's acting.Wonderfully designed role , it brings laughter in certain scenes yet proves loyalty.

That was quite a great balancing done.Greetings to mr.Dinesh movie's positive is the first half.That 15 minutes whichbrings out the mass element of rajini sir giving a whole new mind set ,classy the last 10 minutes of the first half creates a mental depression which can also be called a positive.And some scenes in the second part are really good.Kishore has acted as a malaysian don.Too good an acting he has brought much of an originality to the character.Every other side actor including john have given their best these are all the positives and the most important of all is santhosh narayanan's bgm.He has been an one man army.

Beautifully done even without any scope of music.The insertion of music for gestures also, makes it much more powerful.Greetings the movie's negatives.The movie's negative is ranjith does'nt matter which topic you convey about , but give us a good movie the movie after a certain point feels like a political meeting you have tried to convey something but have generalized it as tamilians we are tamilians too and we have only been supporting this movie and many other things too.We could be wrong at some point but not always if it hadn't been this , tamilnadu wouldn't have existed.

There are too many dialogues which talk about politics and religions.But if the dialogues convey the same thing, it isn't entertaining we are here to watch a movie and need an entertainment.You have tried to convey your thoughts through superstar please think from our view as to how it feels.That was quite disheartening to me lee character.He has acted irrelevant a bit and his tamil is like that of a robot.His tamil was horrible.We have been seeing great actors as villains and this man as a villain just put ranjith one stage down.

The villain is not prominent and the fact that this was predictable ,outwitted the purpose the movie's climax was also predictable likewise.Ranjith has said that he has directed it close to reality no don ever shoots a bunch of people at once very casually but rajini sir casually does it in some scenes.Is this close to reality and not commercialized then the rest could have been commercialized too.It could have been a little more commercialized as rajini sir had asked for.It could have been entertaining for us.

Because by the end of the movie there was only silence and it was quite too heavy to think for just about anyone this is the harsh reality and i am fragmenting it you just like you.I have like and watched madras movie a 100 times and need many movies like madras 00 kabali is just an effort to convey something and not an exact movie is the reality otherwise ,the movie has comedy,do go and watch it, and it is an entertainment for atleast once,no doubts on that 00.

The other thing is , his get up changes and his younger character were not convincing.Why wasn't any special effects added i get huge respect towards shankar sir on this aspect ,his movie flashbacks and every single thing were convincing.Here ,young rajini sir didn't have even a proper wig.What's the use in spending on promotion and not on the content the viewer should be satisfied.The viewer's satisfaction should be the reward people have not spent 120 but 2000 and odds.Those people should not be dissatisfied.

You have to answer this.On the whole as a movie,it is worth a one time watch my rating for this movie would be 2.755 my cinebee rating for kabali would be 55100 you can easily review it on cinebee.Please do the app , it is available in both android and ios please like this if you do or unlike this if you don't.Please give your views as comments and do subscribe hoping to see you soon with yet another review or an interview , until then thank you very much.

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