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Announcer coming up on marriage today with jimmy and karen.Jimmy our society has completely lost the context of sex.Ok.Godsex is wonderful.Let me say, i'm not gonna stand here tonight and tell you don't have sex.I'm just saying wait till marriage.Sex is fabulous.Yay, god.God created sex.Yay, god.Ok.So, you want to have sex, great, get married and have sex.Does marriage still work anymore listen to my answer.Absolutely 100 of the time.You have a 100 chance of success in marriage.You can make it in.

Marriage.God made marriage and god never makes anything to fail.Everything that god makes, he makes perfect, and he made marriage perfect.And you were made for marriage.The god that made marriage made you for marriage.You have a 100 chance of success in marriage.And you say, well, jimmy, howwhy are so many people failing in marriage 'cause they're not doing it god's way.And i want toi want to ask and answer questions in this message that are very important.And the first question is, what is.

Wrong with sex before marriage and i want to answer this on several levels.And let me say first of all, sex is the covenant seal and sign of marriage.Listen to me just a minute.See, our society has completely lost the context of sex.Ok.Godsex is wonderful.Let me say, i'm not gonna stand here tonight and tell you don't have sex.I'm just saying wait till marriage.Sex is fabulous.Yay, god.God created sex.Yay, god.Ok.So, you want to have sex, great, get married and have.

Sex.But so, listen, in covenant salvation is a covenant.Our salvation to jesus is a covenant.And there's a seal of that covenant and a sign of that covenant.The seal is water baptism.When we get saved, water baptism isit seals the deal.We consummate our salvation by being water baptized.Communion is the covenant sign of salvation of our faith in christ.And every time we take communion, we're saying, i remember.I remember the commitment i made to you and i remember what you did for me.Literally, that's.

What a sign means.I remember.Just like the sign of this wedding ring.I remember that there's a person that belongs to me and i belong to her and she's not with me right now.And so, it's a sign.Well, in marriage, when you get married, on your wedding night, you have sex, and that seals the deal.And then every time you have sex in marriage, you're saying, i remember the commitment i made to you.Here's another reason not to have sex before marriage.Having sex before marriage.

Changes how we feel about each other and weakens the relationship.So shaunti feldhahn, who is a relationship expert, she did a poll with a lot of young people who had had sex before marriage.And she asked them what happened as a result of them having sex before marriage.70 of the men who had sex before marriage said they could no longer trust their girlfriend.82 of women who had sex before marriage became deeply insecure in their relationship, saying it caused them to become clingy and emotionally needy.You say,.

Why wouldwhy would men, uh, become mistrustful with their girlfriend after they had sex because if you're easy with me, you're easy.I just got everything you have.I wonder if you're giving it to anybody else.That's a lot of times what men think.Why do women become insecure 'cause i just gave you everything i have.Are you still gonna like me what if somebody else comes along there's no mystery to me anymore.You have everything i've got.And so it changes the waywhen we wait until we get married, it creates.

Trust in men and security in women the way that god wants it to.Sexhere's another reason.Sex before marriage puts us at high risk for sexually transmitted diseases, many of which are incurable and can cause major problems.There are 20 million sexually transmitted diseases caught every year and half of them are caught by your age.The people from 16 to 24 years old are the most susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.The only way that you can know that you're going to get married without a sexually transmitted.

Disease is wait to have sex until you're married.And so, you can catch diseases.Here's another reason to wait until you're married.And that's sex bonds us on the deepest level with another person, and when that bond is broken, it damages us deeply.Now, it's called soul ties.See, a lotwhathere'sa lot of times we look at sex like this where i have sex, break up with a person, go have sex with another person, break up with a person, have sex with another.It's inconsequential, just fun.It's recreational.We're just.

Having sex and then we're breaking up.Well, here's here's what the bible says in first corinthians 6.Do you not know that your bodies are members of christ shall i take the members of christ and make them members of a harlot certainly not.Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her for the two he says shall become one flesh.But he who is joined to the lord is one spirit with him.Flee sexual immorality.Every sin that a man does is.

Outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.Well, sex is not the unforgivable sin.But understand this, this is part of the problem.You know that song that when a heart breaks it don't break even you know, thati barely know it, i'm old, but.Laughter so you have sex with a person, you're in a relationship, you break up, and just inconsequential.This is what's happening to your soul.Every time you get into a relationship and you become one with that person, when you.

Break up, a part of that person comes with you and a part of you goes with that person.It's extremely consequential.And when you have relationship after relationship after relationship, you have fear of intimacy, bitterness, cynicism.A lot of times you become very hardened and close your heart off, women included.When we start in relationships, we're very soft hearted, we're very pure, we have the best of intentions.But every time you have sex with someone and you break up, there's damage occurring on the inside.You've got soul.

Ties.And some people have soul ties to a dozen people or more.And i had a girl in high school that i had sex with and, um, when i got married to karen, she was constantly in my thoughts.And every time karen and i would have a problem, she was always right there.She wasn't there physically, she was just there emotionally.And the devil convinced me, and it was the devilthrough all the problems karen and i had, the devil convinced me that i had made a mistake in marrying.

Karen, i needed to go back to this girl.Well, in reality, we wereweyou know, karen was much better than this girl.I had to break a soul tie.And when you have a soul tie with a person that you've had sex with and you realize you think about them too much, you have funny feelings about them, sometimes you're angry at them, many times you want to go back to them, you're confused about relationships, you can't get focused on a relationship, a lot of that is caused by soul ties.

You can break a soul tie, but the way you break a soul tie, first of all, is to recognize the immorality involved.And say, lord, i should never have had sex with that person.I repent.And god forgives you.God's not a grudge holder, thank god.So god will forgive you.The second thing that you do is forgive that person.Is just say, god, i forgive them, you know, and i release them from any judgments that i have on them.Well, listen, if you have a soul tie with a person, you do.

This.I break that soul tie in the name of jesus christ.And you break off that relationship.You stop thinking about them, you stop being around them.You get rid of all the mementos of that relationship so that you can go forward and you don't carry that person with you any longer.The getting rid of the mementos and breaking off the relationship, that's our part.But god's part is to repair our soul.And when we're breaking soul ties, when we go back and we say, i realize i had.

All these sexual relationships and i break those soul ties, what happens is this.We're ready to be joined again in a healthy relationship without the damage, without the confusion, without all of this, because listen, god made us this way where we can join with another person and become one with them, but once we're damaged, how do you join this you don't.We're not ready for intimacy.We're not ready for relationships.And so sex is consequential.One of the things that our society has done is taken sex to be inconsequential.

It's highly consequential.Many people die and many people's lives are devastated because of not really treating sex with the sanctity that it deserves.Here's one other issue, then i'm going to get into in dating.Sex before marriage can create children, and most men will not marry the woman they impregnate outside of marriage because they wanted fun not work.And so one of the consequences of sex is children, having babies.And most men won't marry you once you're pregnant.And then you're gonna have a child, and then you.

Have a child, and then you're gonna want to get married.And whoever marries you is gonna have to marry you with that child.And that child is at a disadvantage without a father.And so, it'swhen you wait there's secondary virginity.And secondary virginity just means i made mistakes, god forgave me, but now i'm a virgin again and i want to wait now until i get married.So if you've made mistakes, you're not condemned.God doesn't condemn any of us.And if you've made mistakes, god will forgive you, but just.

Dedicate yourself now to say from this point in time until the day that i get married, i'm gonna be a virgin and i'm gonna prepare myself.And god will bless yourself for that.Let me ask one more question and answer it, then i'm done.What's the right way to date well, the problem is when you look in the bible.The bible doesn't say one syllable about dating.And so the reason is they didn't date, they courted.Let me talk about intentional dating, ok.And you can call this dating,.

Courting, anything you want to teach it.But let me talk about 3 standards of intentional dating.This is what i'm gonna encourage you to consider for yourself.Number one aboutthing about intentional dating is it honors the families.We're going to honor our parents.We're going to honor god and we're going to honor our families.And so if i'm dating karensee, i never asked for karen's hand in marriage.I never went to karen's dad and asked for her hand in marriage.I didn't know you were supposed to.I never.

Heard that before.He would have said no anyway, but, you know, so it probably was good i didn't know.They hated my guts.But the, uh, we're gonna honor the families, our families.Number two, it's not nonsexual.We're not gonna have sex.And it's specifically for the purpose of leading toward marriage.Though it doesn't have to.We may end up not getting married.But specifically, this is not recreational dating.We're not just hanging out.This is specifically for the purpose of leading to marriage.And let me say something for just.

A minute.It's good to set parameters on physical affection.You say, well, jimmy, we don't think we can last out that long.Well, then get married.Laughter just get married.Go get your license, find your preacher, get married.Laughter why do you make it so hard on yourself so here's what you can say.We're gonna kiss, but we're not gonna french kiss.We're gonna hold hands, put our arms around each other, but we're not gonna fully embrace head on.We're not gonna lay down.We're not gonna be alone together.

We're especially not gonna be alone together in the dark.We're gonna watch appropriate entertainment.And we're gonna wait until our wedding night to have sex.But you have to put parameters on it.But let melet me just end by saying a few things about dating.Date by faith and not fear.Fear acting on fear makes your fears come true.Living together.You know, just acting in fear.Put faith in god's word and do marriage god's way and it will work for you.Acting in faith makes your dreams comes true.

So date by faith.I was on an airplane and a stewardess walked up to me and said, i know who you are.You're that marriage guy on tv.And i said, yeah, i am.And she said, uh, i went through a horrible divorce 7 years ago.And she said, as soon as i became single, the other stewardesses said go out to the strip clubs with us and go out to, uh, happy hour and find you a man.And she says, no, i'm not doing that.God's going to bring me.

The next man i get.And she said, so i told the lord, i'm not gonna compromise myself and i'm not gonna sin.You're gonna bring me my next husband.And she said, one day i went out and opened my garage door.And she said, and behind my apartment there's another apartment, and i opened my garage door and this man was standing in his garage.She said, we fell in love.That was my husband.A godly man.She said, literally, god brought my husband across the alley from.

Me.And she said, i love him.He's the best man i've ever met, and we're deeply in love.Here's what she said, i'm not going to the strip clubs and i'm not going to the bars to find my husband.God's going to bring me my next husband.She dated by faith and not fear.Number two, date to explore, not to impress.And i want to be my best, but i want to know what you think.We're gonna have deepwe're gonna have meaningful conversations.And this book will help you to have meaningful.

Conversations.And if you don't agreeyou know, when i did premarriage counseling, we wouldi did a deal called marriage expectation inventory, and one of the questions was, how many children do you want one guy said 6 and one girl said two.And i said, well, how many kids you gonna have he said, we're having 6.She said, not by me, you're not.Laughter well, how many of you think that's an important conversation to have before you get married ok.But i wanted people to talk.I mean, i had all kinds of crazy.

Answers, you know.And i had this catholic guy and this girl that went to our church in my office.I said, well, what church you gonna go to after you get married and she said, oh, we're gonna go here, pastor jimmy.He said, i'm catholic, i'm not going to this church.And i said, well, how are you gonna raise your kids he said catholic, she said no.They broke up in my office.Laughter they broke up right there.And so these kinds of conversations.Date to explore.Also, date.

Nonsexually.Just makemake a decision.If you've made a mistake, god forgives you, be a virgin again, secondary virginity.And make a decision between now and the time i get married, we're not gonna be sexual, and we're gonna put parameters on our physical affection to make sure that we don't put ourselves in a compromising position.And date intentionally.Don't date recreationally.Don't just hang out with a person to hang out with a person and be sexual.If i'm not serious about you, i'm gonna hang around with you with.

Other friends around.We're just gonna be very good friends, but we're not gonna be together acting like we're romantic.But if we pair off and if we begin to get serious, the specific reason that i'm dating you is to see if we're compatible because we're gonna get married.And if i don't have the intention of getting married, i'm not gonna pair off with you and i'm not gonna be serious.I hope you enjoyed that message.This is something that we have waited for so long to be able to.

Talk about because, you know, in the bible, dating isn't mentioned because in the bible, it wasn't part of their culture.They courted and they were betrothed to one another before they got married.And so it was a very different culture.You know, we've really lost our way in america, really in many cultures around the world.We've just lost our way in understanding how to meet someone, how to date the right way, and how that leads to a marriage where you don't have a trail of broken hearts all.

The way behind you.And so for some of you, you may have had some bad relationships.Maybe you've been married before or whatever.Maybe you have a child and they're in high school, college, or whatever, and you want them to be prepared to be married properly.Right now for your gift of any amount to support us here at marriage today, i want to send you the full message on cd that you just heard part of today.Tremendous information to help you to understand how god designed us and how god designed.

Marriage and how we can enter into marriage properly.We want to send you that for your gift of any amount.And right now for your gift of $40 or more, i want to send you the right one book.And this is one of our newest books, tremendous resource to help you to be prepared to be married.We talk about all different issues in there.Plus i want to send you this cd single and a dvd single of the message that you heard today.And right now for your.

Gift of $65 or more, i'll send you the right one book, plus the cd and dvd single, plus the workbook.Now, this workbook is for a couple, but it's also for like a small group.If you have a high school bible study, if you have a college bible study, a singles bible study, or you just want to get a group of people together and talk about dating and marriage, it's the workbook is the perfect resource for that.Listen, we have waited for a long time to be able to equip people not just.

To get married, but to date and to know how to work through the process of dating and courtship so that when you get married, you have god's full blessing and you're fully prepared.These resources are terrific.We want to put them into your hands.Here's how you can get them.Woman is the person i'm dating the one i should marry man what qualities should i look for in a potential mate second woman how will i know when i find the right one announcer finding the right marriage partner is one of.

The most important decisions any of us will ever make.And in the right one, jimmy evans gives biblical, no nonsense advice to singles on successfully dating and marrying the right person.For your gift of any amount, you'll receive the cd message the right one.Jimmy does marriage still work anymore listen to my answer.Absolutely 100 of the time.You have a 100 chance of success in marriage.Announcer for your gift of $40 or more, we'll send you the right one book, plus jimmy's message on both cd and.

Dvd.For your gift of $65 or more, we'll also include finding the right one workbook with dvd lessons.If you or someone you know is single and hoping to find a fulfilling marriage relationship, order the right one today.Applause jimmy well, this teaching that you saw today is from gateway church.And we actually did that group there, the college group that you saw, and we're teaching them about dating and marriage.You know, and as i said, dating isn't addressed in the bible, because in the bible, it was.

A different culture and they courted rather than dating.And so what we're not trying to do is trying to reinvent the wheel and go back to the old days.What we are trying to do is to fix a broken system, because right now dating in america is broken.And many people, the way that they're dating is breaking their hearts, is breaking their bodies, and it's becoming recreational, it's becoming way too sexual.And you're going through relationships that are actually not preparing you for marriage.They're doing the opposite, they're breaking.

Your heart.So the book, the right one, and also the workbook, finding the right one, both address the issue of how to date and marry successfully.And it's for high school, college, singles, divorced people, any age.If you're single wanting to be married, this book is to help to equip you to be married.So, karen, we actually have some questions from some of our viewers concerning the right one.Karen mmhmm.This person says.Jimmy no, there's not just one woman for him.And this is a real damaging teaching that i.

Believe.For example, there's 7 billion people on the planet right now.And to think that there's only one person out there for me, that's pretty discouraging.What if she dies you know.Laughter what if she moves what if somebody elseif one person marries the wrong person, we're all messed up.And so, no.The bible tells us to marry a person of the opposite sex.The bible tells us to marry a believer.And that's it.As long as the person's of marrying age and, you know, we love each.

Other and we want to get married, god will bless it, ok.Karen so in other words, if somebody gets ahold of this and they're already married and they read it and they think, ugh, i married the wrong one.Jimmy no, you don't want to read this married.I mean, this is not for married people to read.And you might get some help out of it being married, but this is for single people who are looking for a relationship.But no, if you're looking for a person to.

Marry, there are compatible people that you can marry within your circle of relationships or certainly within, uh, the realm that you can look at, even online.There's one chapter in here on the ten commandments for online dating because a lot of people are dating online.And we don't think it's right or wrong.We just think there's a right way to do it.But i can promise you there's someone around you, uh, within your circle of relationships or geographical region or whatever that god would bless if you met them and.

Decided that you wanted to get married.Let me read this question, karen.Karen ok.That's a good question.And i think it's probably very highly that most people, well, not most, but a lot of people feel this way.Um, you know, because like you just said, we live in a society that sex is everything.And, um, but you're not damaged goods, you know.In god's eyes, you know, you not only can be forgiven, but, you know, you can even be healed from whatever you've done in the past.And then, you know,.

Just ask the lord just to take what you've done in the past and to remove it.I mean, that's the power of the blood of christ.I mean, he removes all the things we've done wrong in the past.And, you know, ask him for the forgiveness, and then trust him for your future.And, you know, make it more about, you know, not what you've done in the past, but what god can do for you in the future, which can be so awesome.And then make a decision that i'm not gonna.

Have sex until i'm married.And it's not gonna be the week before we get married we're gonna have sex.It's not until we're married.And, um, you know, just make the commitment to yourself and the lord and, um, have someone as a friend pray with you and as an accountability partner or something.But, you know, god can renew anything and make anything new.Jimmy yeah.And what we about talk in the book, several things.One of is fearbased dating.Karen mmhmm.Jimmy a lot of times, a woman.

Doesn't want to have sex, but she is fearful if she doesn't give him sex that he won't marry her.Karen then she doesn't want to marry him.Jimmy well, but the point is, if a man makes you have sex before having to marry you, he doesn't love you.Karen mmhmm.I agree.Jimmy so if he really loves you, he won't put that pressure on you and he'll stay around to marry.The other thing we talk about is intentional dating.Now, frank is my coauthor on this, frank martin.And his.

Daughter is engaged right now.And they're doing intentional dating.And you're dating to discover.You see, a lot of people don't want to bring up any issues that cause any problems for fear that they're going to break up.You want to bring those issues up.So his daughter and her fiance, they don't go into each other's bedroom.They're not places alone together where they might be compromised.And they talk.The purpose of their relationship is to talk and to discover each other and to discover any issues they may.

Need to talk about.And they'll have their first kiss on their wedding night.Their relationshipand he came to frankhe included the parents.He came to frank, asked for permission to date his daughter, and told frank, this will be totally nonsexual.I will honor your daughter.And the purpose of us courting is to decide if we're compatible to get married.Some people say, well, how do i date them if i don't know that we're compatible in groups.In a church group or in a group of people.Hang out together.Go to.

A coffee shop together.And then just if you like each other well enough, begin to date more seriously, intentionally date.And intentionally date means you involve the parents, ask for the parents' permission.You involve the family, 'cause there's some accountability here.And there's the blessing.If a personif you're marrying someone who doesn't care about authority, that's the first red flag.Ok.I care aboutyour father is your authority at this point, or your mother.I want their blessing on the relationship.And two, it's nonsexual.And three, it's for.

The purpose of seeing if we're compatible.And asand if we find out we're not compatible, we're not all sexually entangled.We haven't compromised our self.We can go on to the next relationship and go forward properly.So the book and the workbook, the right one, are to help equip you.And there's so much information in here to help to equip you to date and marry successfully.So we hope that this information's helpful to you.And by the way, we're able to come to you right now because of the support of.

Our dear partners that stand with us financially.The information's there on your screen.Thanks for tuning in today.Watch this information.Woman life is a journey, once full of hope, to make this world a better place, to leave a legacy to the ones we love.But somewhere along that journey, we've lost our way, forgotten what's important.Jimmy evans when marriage is no longer respected, couples begin to separate, and their children begin to suffer.Marriage is the future.We must build marriage.And what we love to do here at.

marriagetoday is give people hope.Because marriage works.Marriage works wonderfully.God would never create anything for failure.Man the world was telling us to give up.People around us was telling us to give up.But marriagetoday was a.A light in a dark place for us at a dark time.Woman hearing jimmy and karen evans just talking about how god could restore any marriage, it started to bring hope back into me.Man they changed our life and they changed our future.Jimmy we love helping people in.

Marriage, but we have to have support to do that.In everything that we do, we know that we're touching millions of lives every year and millions of families.Would you stand with us as we build marriages in america and around the world the families that we help and the children that we keep together with their parents are because of you.Please consider giving your most generous gift to help us here at marriagetoday lift the standad around the world for marriage and family.Thank you for watching marriagetoday.

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