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Binary Options Trading and Hedging

hi and welcome to the binary optionstrading tutorial this is Steve Wise and today we're going to talkabout the binary options hedge with a call and a put position and i just like to remind you that this tutorial and audio content and theslides therein are the property of binaryoptionbroker

and we're distributing this on so follow the guidelines on to usethis tutorial if you want redistributed and just bear in mind the rules andregulations with regarded to using it. all right so with that out of the way let's get started so let's take a look at a couple slidesi've made this first slide is

your basic naked binary option trade and what we've done here is we've takena binary option call on google we'vetaken a two hundred dollar position with a strike price at five seventy seven fifty per share that's what it was at the time i madethis slide in and made this discussion all the numbers all the details of thistrade that we talk about are covered on the website binaryoptionbroker

and you'll find all the information inall the all the percentages and what have you uh. there so if you have any questions about what thenumbers are and what they are meeting where they all came from that's all is going on the website but what i want to talk about in this tutorialis that this kind of position taking a nakedcall

binary option is very risky in it's not the kind of investment that isee as uh. a favorable one for you theinvestor and the reason why i say that is because there's so much downside risk and noprotection if things go awry and that's not the kind of trade iadvocate what i prefer to do

is i'd prefer to pair my binary option with another option either another security another optionanother binary option the underlying security itself maybe i already only underlying securityand i'm trying to make up some profit on that uh. taking advantage of market movementdownside upside what have you

TopOption Review Traders Review of Binary Options Broker

Hi and welcome to real binary optionsreviews. In this tutorial I'm going to evaluatethe Top Option trading platform and thebroker behind it. And the first thing I have totell you I've been testing this broker for around four months now and I find it to be a very safe andsecure broker to trade with.

And they also offer greatsupport for beginners which is important. If you haven't read it before I thinkthe top option is one of the very good choices for beginners. But on the other hand they alsooffer some of the very good professional tools and also their trading platform is quite good,their charts are fairly good and the probably the .

the best the thing with Top Option is ifyou are concerned about the safety and security when you are choosing go broker Top Option is probably the most reliable and securebroker on the market today. They werefounded just recently but the company that owns the Top Option has a lot of the experience in onlinetrading and they also own some other trading platforms thatare .

.that have a very good reputationand that have been online for a long time. And that they justrecently moved into the binary options trading so their Top Option platform is fairly new, but the immediately in the beginningwhen they were founded they started to . . all the procedures to become a fully regulated EU broker, which they now are, and they are also

regulated by the CySec commission andalso by the Australian Securities and InvestmentCommission and they comply to all the EU trading rules andin addition to this they offer the insurance of your trading account up to the or twentythousand dollars. So basically with Top Option you arevery safe and secure Now if I tell you a little bit moreabout the features they offer I'm just going to scroll down

a little bit. So here the first thing youcan see, let's say, this is the eurodollar charthere, and one one of the things is that they offer 85 % payout on our EURUSD trades, which is oneof the highest payouts that any broker will offer. This is definitelyan attractive feature that they have. As far as the options for the trading goes they offerclassic option which is basically UPDOWN UP DOWN, HIGHLOW or

StockPair Trading Example

Hello and welcome to the StockPair binary broker trading platform. You can see, it's very userfriendly. A green and a blue arrow indicate the direction of the choice you will be making. You can trade from 60 seconds to 150 days long binary options. You can invest either a fixed amount or manually put the one you prefer. You can trade currency pair, stocks (of US and European companies). There are also indices and three types of commodities. There is also a list of the most trade assets on the StockPair platform.

Other than traditional binary options, you can also trade the famous KIKO options. Here the trick is to guess which boundary will the asset price touch first – the upper or the lower. The trade will run until the price hits one of the borders. You can also trade fixed pairs – in this case you have to determine which asset will have performed better at the time of expiry. Here you can choose to trade asset pairs from stocks, indices and commodities. And again you can see the most traded and popular pairs. With Pair Floating again you have to choose which asset will perform better in a pair of two. The difference is with the time frame – you can trade about this Day, this Week or this Month. And you can see the starting of the trade and the expiry as well.

Again you can choose pairs from stocks, indices and commodities. On the trading platform you also have quick access to the education center. In case you want to check something you do not understand, you can always visit the training academy and inform yourself, even while trading. Let's go back to the trading platform and place a trade. For the purpose of the tutorial, I'll execute a traditional binary options trade that's going to have an expiration time of 60 seconds. I'll place $20 and will choose in accordance with the trend. Hit “Trade� and you are done. The shaded area represents an In the Money Position, whereas the clear gray are – Out of the Money position. The blue line follows the current value of the price.

You can clearly see the time and the ITM Payout that you will gain in case of a win. There is an indicator called Status which shows you what is your current position. In our case its IN and we can expect a Win. The same indicators are visible under the graph of the movements, where your open positions are kept. After 60 seconds, the trade expires and we see that it is a win. The PL indicator shows the profit or loss we have gained. We invested $20, our payout is $35,2, therefore our Profit is $15,2. I hope this was helpful. Thank you for watching!

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