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Binary Options Trading and Hedging

hi and welcome to the binary optionstrading tutorial this is Steve Wise and today we're going to talkabout the binary options hedge with a call and a put position and i just like to remind you that this tutorial and audio content and theslides therein are the property of binaryoptionbroker

and we're distributing this on so follow the guidelines on to usethis tutorial if you want redistributed and just bear in mind the rules andregulations with regarded to using it. all right so with that out of the way let's get started so let's take a look at a couple slidesi've made this first slide is

your basic naked binary option trade and what we've done here is we've takena binary option call on google we'vetaken a two hundred dollar position with a strike price at five seventy seven fifty per share that's what it was at the time i madethis slide in and made this discussion all the numbers all the details of thistrade that we talk about are covered on the website binaryoptionbroker

and you'll find all the information inall the all the percentages and what have you uh. there so if you have any questions about what thenumbers are and what they are meeting where they all came from that's all is going on the website but what i want to talk about in this tutorialis that this kind of position taking a nakedcall

binary option is very risky in it's not the kind of investment that isee as uh. a favorable one for you theinvestor and the reason why i say that is because there's so much downside risk and noprotection if things go awry and that's not the kind of trade iadvocate what i prefer to do

is i'd prefer to pair my binary option with another option either another security another optionanother binary option the underlying security itself maybe i already only underlying securityand i'm trying to make up some profit on that uh. taking advantage of market movementdownside upside what have you

Top 3 binary options strategies by expert anyoption analysts

My name is Andrei. I am a senior analyst withanyoption and in the next few minutes I will be sharing some knowledge that will enableyou to make a high return of 71% when trading any underlying binary option asset. For example,an investment of €200 can be turned into € 342 or, alternatively, an investment of€ 10000 into € 17100. Have no experience or understanding of financialmarketsé No problem! anyoption makes trading easy, accessible and intuitive allowing youto generate profits within one hour from making your first deposit. Binary option trading is a big name for asimple financial tool which has grown in popularity

over the world in the past few years. Thistype of trading is fast, exciting and provides instant gratification. One of the big advantages of binary optionstrading is that as an investor you can generate profit in any market situation, meaning youcan gain both in rising and falling market! You can trade any time at your convenience,the options are global and cover markets in Asia, Europe, USA and more. In this tutorial I will show you how to tradebinary options using the anyoption platform. The company who first introduced the worldto binary options trading in 2008 and today

are considered the world leaders and innovatorswithin the industry with over 400,000 traders worldwide. Over the course of this presentation you willlearn some simple yet efficient strategies for creating an additional source of income,which can be used to finance a vacation, shopping trip or for reinvestment into various otherinterests that one might have such as real estate or business opportunities. Let me show you how to make decisions thatwill give you a considerable profit in a short time. Remember:

• Trade on your own terms.• 247 support • No commissions How to tradeé 1. Choose an asset (EURUSD, Apple stock,the price of gold or the Nasdaq) 2. Determine whether the price will rise orfall within the next hour; Got it righté You have gained immediate returnof 71%! Once you've opened an account, you shouldlook for a trading opportunity. Here are 3 trading strategies that will helpyou recognize such opportunities:

1. Economic calendar: Financial calendars are a great way to findtrading opportunities. These calendars can be found in Yahoo or Google finance and willcontain all the important dates, announcements, data releases and press conferences whichinfluence the market. The most important financial dates will be marked with three asterisksand on these dates millions of private traders as well as large organizations like banksand hedge funds eagerly await the new information which is about to be released. When this informationis made available trends will occur across the market, which can rise or fall. Then,all you need to do is to follow the trend.

Remember, the trend is your friend! If published events relates to the Americaneconomy, traders of American currency EURUSD will base their trading decisions on thisevent. Since the decision making process of most traders is similar, they will performsimilar transactions. Prices can rise or fall from the first minuteof trading. If the price goes up we can buy an option reflecting a price rise forecastcalled a CALL option; if the price drops we can buy an option reflecting the decline calleda PUT option. This way we can actually gain from both possible scenarios.

The Best Strategy For Trading Binary Option Pairs

Hello everyone, Tom here again, Today, I wantto discuss one of my favorite things to do on the binary options market.I like trading stocks, I'm quite fond of indices and commodities, by I absolutely love tradingcurrency pairings and I truly believe that once you master them they can present oneof the better profit opportunities on the market.But just like any other asset on the binary option market, you can't trade currency pairingson a whim, without any forethought, it does take some strategy, so here is my very simple,yet very often successful strategy. It's really quite simple, and does not takemuch more work than you would normally put

in, nor does it require any special advancedtraining. All this strategy requires is a little patienceand some bad luck on someone else's part, because my strategy is all about waiting fordisaster to strike, financial disaster. You see the basis of currency pairing tradesis inequality between currencies, for your trade to win, one asset has to finish ahead,and you need to predict the correct one. There are two basic ways this can happen, it canbe really close and make you tear your own hair out, or, it can be miles and miles apart.If you wait for financial news to come out before executing a trade, your chances aremassively improved. Most kinds of financial

information, when it comes out, tend to createan imbalance between currencies as the market catches up, and this is your time to strike.So wait for the worst financial news you can imagine on a given day, and pounce on youropportunity. See you on my next tutorial!.

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