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How To Use Support And Resistance Lines When Trading Binary Options

Hi there.I am often asked in the comments how to determine the point of entry into the Martingale strategy.Today I'll show you how to use support and resistance levels in Binary options. We set the chart for 15minute or 5minutetimeframe. We use the Line tool and find the level of resistance by the tops of the candles. We find the level of support by the lowestlevels of the chart in the same way. And now we watch for the chart to reach orbreak through one of the levels – in this case we are betting in the opposite direction.Let's open 4 windows with different positions

– it will be much faster in this way. Wedo the same thing in all the windows. Here we see the first touching of the level,and I bet $10 in the opposite direction. And in the meantime, we watch the other positions.Here we see touching of the support level on eurodollar Position. We bet $10. Great, our first two bets have triggered.Levels must be rearranged from time to time. And we wait for the next touching of the level. And here again we see the resistance levelbroken through, and we bet $10 for a fall. You should wait until either a touching ora breakthrough. We see that our bet does not

win, so I prepare $30 in advance and againbet for a fall using a Martingale strategy. I hope you know the table of bets; if youdon't, I will write in the description below the tutorial. Here we see the breakthrough and bet $10.And according to the Martingale strategy, we bet $180 as our bid didn't trigger.Now euro dollar lost and we bet 30 for a rise. Pound dollar – bet 30 for a fall.Now, bet 180 on the euro dollar. And now all of our three bets have won, weare just waiting for eurodollar. We are waiting for our bet of $180 to triggerWell, we lose the 180 bet, and then we bet

440, and I think that this bet will triggerfor sure. Now we see that the chart is back and we'llwin our bets. Here you can see my bets for the entire period.If you liked the tutorial, put likes, share with friends, subscribe to my RSS feed.

Should I Trade Binary Options Are They a Scam Binary options trading reviews Strategy

Should I Trade Binary Optionsé Are They a Scamé Binary options trading reviews Strategy Options trading 101 welcome to looking at the markets withDavid Moadel today we're going to talk about binaryoptions should I and should you trade binaryoptions well let's take a look bedding orgambling with binary options binary options in which you bet on whether acurrency or stock or commodity and so on we'll go up or go down or reach acertain price etc within a short time frame for exampleyou might make a bet that the US dollar will rise versus the euro exactly oneminute from now

so why are traders tempted by binaryoptions binary options might seem tempting because oftentimes you canstart with a small amount of money and brokers sometimes offer signup bonuses but if you read the fineprint you might find that there's a catch forexample you might be required to trade a large amount of money before you canwithdraw your funds so trading or gambling personally I don't claim to be able topredict where any stock currency or

commodity will go within the next day not to mention the next hour or the nextminute I find such a shortterm price movements to be essentially random besides as you'll see in the next slidesthe house which is the broker has built as a builtin advantage that will mostlikely cause you the trader to lose money over a largenumber of trades let's take a look at these screencaptures I've collected from various places around the web

various for binary options websites this one has more offers an eightyonepercent pay out and if that sounds like a lot I mean that's actually pretty good forthese binary options brokers but think about it what that means is that iflet's say you bet a hundred dollars on the direction of the euro versus the USdollar alright so if you're right then you win 81 dollars if you're wrong

then you lose a hundred dollars the hundred that you that you bet ok soif you keep making trades like this over a long period of time it's it's an uphill battle I I don't seehow anybody could really expect to to do well if every time you make a bet youevery time you win you get 81 dollars and every time you lose you lose ahundred dollars that just doesn't make sense to me here's another one and here the payoutis eighty percent

here's another one that boastseightyfive percent that's that's better but still if that sounds good to youagain I mean think about it how would you liketo have to deal with losing on average fifteen percent over a long period oftime it just doesn't make sense this oneoffers eightythree percent this one seventysix percent I mean that to me that's just terribleyeah if if if you if you're walking down thestreet and you met somebody and he says

Copyop Review Social Trading Binary Options Trading Scam

Hello and welcome to Binary Options BrokerReviews. Today, we bring you something new and exciting a social trading platform where you can simply follow other traders and let them dothe work for you! Meet copyop. The social trading platform fromthe creators of none other than AnyOption! Copyop will allow you to trade binary options.The difference to classic binary option brokers kicks in at the social level. If you chooseto start trading yourself, your trades can be viewed, followed and copied by thousandsof individuals who might not have the experience to trade themselves but they can start copyingyou! Once this happens, things start moving.

First of all for each person following orcopying you, you gain Copyop Coins. This is a virtual currency that can later be convertedinto real money. And you gain this just by performing your normal trading actions asyou normally would. The better you trade, the higher you raisein the top traders ladder. From the opposite perspective if you'renot a skilled trader yet, it's even easier! Do your research, pick the trader you likeand follow them for a while. Or directly copy their trades for that matter if you like. Once the copied trader makes profit or loss,you automatically copy their move. It's like

hiring someone to do the job for you, butfor free! You can see all the traders you follow andcopy in a feed on your wall. Think Facebook, but with the benefits of trading. This is basically the whole platform. Verystraightforward and easy experience that can serve even people who never traded in theirlife. If you liked this tutorial, please share it andsubscribe to our channel in order to get even more exciting reviews of Binary Options Brokers.To start trading with Copyop today, you can use the link in the description of this tutorial.

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