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Stockpair Review Can Stockpair be Trusted in 2015

Hi and welcome to Real Binary Options Reviews.In this tutorial I am updating my review of the Stockpair broker for the year 2015. I havebeen monitoring the performance of this broker for the last two years and I have to tellyou that stockpair is currently probably one of the safest brokers for binary options tradingand also for pair stocks trading. There's a lot positive feedback and no negative reviewsabout stockpair. They do not deny the withdrawals, they do not play around with the charts, they'revery safe and secure and also regulated broker in many countries. We will come to this later.But I just want to give you this information initially, because a lot of traders thesedays have problems with different brokers

and Stockpair will not give you these problems.And also all the withdrawals are processed in one day. So these are definitely some ofthe most important features that put Stockpair a bit higher above all other brokers. I wantto present you also other features that they offer and we are going to take a look alsoat their trading interface. But let's go step by step. So first of all what do they haveto offer for beginnersé They have the education section here, where you can get some basicinformation about binary options, pair options, stuff like this. You get the information abouthow to make deposits and withdrawals, how to verify your account. You also get someinitial strategies for trading and basically

this is it. You get the section of the FAQwhere you can get also all kinds of information, so if you're a beginner trader, the best thingto do is just to visit the Stockpair website and take a look into this section here. Iam not going to go into details wit this. The other thing that I have mentioned initiallyis about their regulation. So they are regulated by the CySEC and MiFID, which is an EU regulationservice or body. And also they're regulated in individual monitoring services in differentcountries. So you can see all these countries listed here. If there would be any problemthat you would have with Stockpair you can also turn to the regulatory body that regulatesfinancial trading in your country. So all

of these countries, definitely Stockpair wouldbe a very good choice. And also as I explained initially, really Stockpair is one of thehighly trusted brokers. So anyone who wants to register I am very sure that they willfind much trust in Stockpair. Now, about additional tools for trading I just want to emphasizea few things. Now, Stockpair also offers signals. These are kind of algorithmic signals whichyou can get if you deposit a bit higher amount. So I am not sure, they also might change thisamount of deposit needed to get these signals. If you are interested in this I recommendyou again just to visit their website. You can contact them by writing them an emailor you can also use the live chat feature

here to get more information about these things.Now the next thing that every trader gets, now you only need to make the minimum deposit,but every trader gets this in the trading interface. So this is one of the things thatare very attractive also to beginner traders, because for all the currencies or all thepairs that you are trading, you're also getting this technical analysis tool. So if you clickhere I am trading EURUSD the chart of EURUSD will be displayed with the Bollingerbands, with the support and resistance levels and with the RSI indicator which can helpyou determine better positions for your trades. Now, if you need more information about theseindicators or how you can use them you can

again refer here to their strategies sectionor I can also invite you to visit my website at realbinaryoptionsreviews where I have much more information about binary options trading in general, so you can getalso some information about Bollinger bands, RSI, support and resistance levels and soon. So let's head over to their trading interface and here the things that I want to emphasizeis the high return rate on the short term trades. So here you can see for the EURUSD,for 60 seconds trades you're getting 82% return. Now this, compared to other brokers, is askyrocket high return on 60 seconds trades. You can see on the 90 seconds trades the returnis the same. 5 minute trades it lowers a little

Tropical Trade Trading Tutorial 2016

Hey everyone, In this review we're going to take a look at the Tropical Trade broker which is new on the scene. As you can see there is a fall out menu where you can check out different things. First come the My Account section where traders can view different types of information – deposits, opened positions, closed positions, personal information, banking history and send withdrawal requests. There is also a Trading Section, Assets one, Education Center, About and Contact pages. The Education Section is called Education Inside. It features lesson on different topic. General binary options information, various Market Analysis, Options Strategies, lectures on signals, social trading and even the broker's very own eBook.

One of its main bonuses is that professionals and newcomers can both make great use of it. The section that concerns investors the most is the Trading one. This is where all the action is happening. And where profits are amplified or decreased, of course. It features HighLow, One Touch, Range and Hyper types of trades. Let's go back to the type of trades: HighLow are the typical binary options. Traders can invest with all the four main types of assets here. One Touch's duration lasts for one week in which the a line of the graphics has to reached only one time. Hence its name. One Touch is a clickandprofit type of trading binary options.

Hyper has different time frames. They go as follows: 30 Seconds, 60 Seconds, 2 Minutes, 5 Minutes and 10 minutes. Below them traders can see the different factors that concern their trade: Asset, Market Price, Payout Rate, High or Low option, Expiry Time and Remaining Time. Let's take a look at how a Hyper trade goes. You just pick the asset and choose a price direction. From thereon you follow the graphic and decide how much of a monetary amount would you like to put in. Then click on the INVEST button and wait and see how it goes.

You see how the assets' price moves and it gets nearer the line that marks the end time. If a part of the diagram turns green, then the trade has been executed successfully. Red means a loss. In this case it is a win. After that you can go to the Withdrawal section to check out how you can receive your earning from Tropical Trade. This is how Tropical Trade binary broker works.

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